Words Are A NecklaceOne of my fondest memories of my husband is when our daughter was born on Labor Day!  As I watched the love of my life hold our daughter, I sat in awe.  As Ryan held Leah with one arm, he raised the other arm in worship to God with tears streaming down his face.  He held his daughter with such love, joy, and gratitude to God who gave her life.  It was truly a touching moment when my husband became a father.

Although it seemed as this moment was frozen in time, it’s never left my heart.  When a child is born, so is a parent.  It’s a journey of growth, mistakes, and triumphs shared together to bond our hearts.  It’s especially joyful to see your children celebrate their father with such love, commitment, and prayer.  Already the children are discussing what to do or what gift to buy to show their love; it’s precious.  Yet, it’s also a difficult time for me, my first Father’s day without my dad.

No words can ever be spoken again, no loving embrace to be held, and no more memories to be created.  So, I am reflecting on the past and wishing for another opportunity to speak to him.  Words are the most precious jewels to a child; it’s a necklace around their neck.  It’s what they cherish, desire, and remember.  Now it’s no wonder why God wrote His Word to us; it’s the most precious jewels to our lives.

“My son, keep your father’s commands and do not forsake your mother’s teaching.  BIND THEM UPON YOUR HEART FOREVER; FASTEN THEM AROUND YOUR NECK.” When you walk, they will guide you; when you sleep, they will watch over you; when you awake, they will speak to you.” (Proverbs 6:21-22)

What words are you binding in the heart of your child?  What commands are you teaching them? It’s not just a conversation upon your death bed; it should be the way of life.  Truth be told, I am yearning for the words of my father but the words I never heard.  Although my father had difficulty expressing love or giving love; I still yearn for it.  Sometimes, I grieve for the father/daughter relationship I never had but I am so grateful my daughter does.  No child should ever have to wonder if their parent loves them.  Silent words destroy not only the reflection of one’s life but the reflection in the mirror.  So speak blessings, love, and joy over your children.  It’s the most powerful gift a father can give a child; it brings confidence, direction, and protection.

Tomorrow isn’t promised; today is a gift so wrap it beautifully!

Wrap your arms around their neck, so they know security.  Kiss their foreheads, so they know to whom they belong.  Speak loving words to them, so they desire to return.  Cherish their love in return, so it reveals worth.  Why do I say this?  Honestly, what I would give to hear my father speak the words, “I love you!”  “You are beautiful!”  “I am so proud of you!”  It’s so hard to realize I will never hear these words with my father’s voice but I read them.

Recently, I was given a new opportunity at the church, so I decided to tackle the room I have been ignoring-my office.  It was a room; I was dreading to enter due to my neglect.  Overwhelmed doesn’t even begin to describe my feelings the moment I entered.  Nevertheless God used a disorganized, dusty, and neglected room to speak the words I needed to hear.  God will use any circumstance to speak truth into your life only if you are willing to listen.  During the process of cleaning I happened to discover a misplaced letter from my father. Here is what it said:


I was so glad you were able to be with me at the hospital and all.  Hope you have a nice 4th of July.  I do love you and your family and miss you all.  (my father had it underlined in the letter)  Tell me what verse of the Bible I need to read especially and do keep saying your prayers.  You are a gifted child of God.  I’m so proud of you.  Give everyone a kiss and hug from me, and have them give you a kiss and hug for me.


The letter may be brief but it’s powerful to the heart that desperately needed to hear this.  I am so grateful for this letter; it allows me to return when I need reminding.  May God’s Word be the center of our lives, so we return to relish in His love.

Building strong marriages together, 

Tina Wetor