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Fighting For Your Marriage - Cherie Zack | Fighting For Your Marriage

Fighting For Your Marriage

Fighting For Your Marriage, Cherie Zack, Imperfect Wives Ministry

Welcome to Fighting For Your Marriage and The Imperfect Wives Ministry with Cherie Zack. If I had the chance, I would sit down with you, make you a cup of tea and spill my mistakes in marriage. In essence, I would share my story with you. I wouldn’t stop there though. I know that it is only because of God’s mercy that I have a thriving marriage and family today.

Bill and I have been married for thirty years and we honestly look forward to loving each other for as long as God gives us.  It wasn’t always this way though. Four years into our marriage Bill told me in a phone call that he wanted a divorce. I had received salvation just a few months before this and he felt I was changing to much for his liking. He didn’t enjoy me any more and was no longer happy in our relationship. I hung up the phone and went straight to God with it.  In that pivotal moment of my life, God asked me a powerful question.


“Will you run or will you stay and fight?”

Run is what I always did when things got to hard emotionally for me. I ran to music and hid in it for hours. Or I would run away literally -ending the relationship that was being impacted. But this time was different. This time God was asking me if I would stay. I wanted to stay. I wanted to fight, but I didn’t know how. I had failed so many times before. My past includes a divorce and 3 children that were hurt by both our mistakes.  God promised me that He would teach me how to fight but it would have to be His way and not my own.  I said yes and He started me on the journey that I have called Boot Camp for so long.


That day started a fight I had never walked through before. During my own personal boot camp my heart was shattered. My faith was tested. My identity was ripped to pieces. It seemed that nothing was safe.  Even then, I still chose to stay in the fight because God had given me a vision of what my marriage could look like at the end of my journey. Bill fought against me with everything he had within him. He yelled at me more than he talked to me. He made me feel like I was worth nothing and my life had no value with him. He attacked every area of me including how I was raising our children and the type of wife I was becoming. One day in a fit of anger he threw his wedding ring out the door and told me, “My life ended the day I married you!”

Please understand, there were days I just wanted to stop fighting and run away. My heart could not take any more. Giving him what he wanted had to be easier than what I was enduring. It was on one of these days that God said the following words to me,


“Be still and know that I am God.”

In an instant those words turned into thousands as the Holy Spirit began to teach me what they meant. This happened many times over the course of fighting for my marriage. What I learned is so valuable that my marriage was saved!!

Can you relate to me on some level?  Have you been through something like this in your own marriage? Have you thought about giving up and giving in or even walking away? I want to encourage you to stay in just a little longer.  This blog is set apart to share what I have learned that works and doesn’t work through my Online Marriage Boot Camp classes and blog posts. The ending of your marriage doesn’t have to happen. If you are willing to give God a season of your life,  I am willing to teach you how to stand strong and fight the way God has designed us to. Today,  Bill and I are strong and our life is full as God has used my season of Boot Camp to teach me many more lessons since then.


My background ~

I knows what it’s like to be an imperfect wife. I’m well aware that my past would have been my future if it had not been for God’s intervention in my life and my obedience to follow His voice. I wasn’t always obedient. I resisted God in the beginning because He was asking me to change first. I felt enough change was happening in me and Bill was the one God needed to concentrate on.  What I didn’t know then is God wasn’t just teaching me how to fight for my marriage -He was getting me ready to fight for marriages all over the world.

My mission is to challenge you to take a stand for your marriage and then teach you how God has designed us to love our husbands during the challenges we all face in marriage. My marriage is a living testimony of God’s “Grace Grace” (Zechariah 4). Your marriage can be turned around and restored as well. But you have to be willing to listen to voice of the Holy Spirit and change as He directs you to. He will ask you to do some hard things (I have a long long list myself).

Change is good, especially when God uses it to drawn us closer to Him.

Since fighting for my marriage and winning the battle I have gone back to school and earned my degree in Bible Doctrine and became a Licensed Minister with the Assemblies of God. I have also recently been appointed a US Missionary Associate with AG which is opening the doors for me to share my testimony and ministry with churches around the US with the vision of reaching more women who need the care God has called me to give.


My family ~

Bill and I have four children: a daughter, Samantha, twin boys, Bobby and Troy, and our youngest, James.  We also have two daughter-in-loves, Carly and Sam, and two granddaughters, Emma Kate and Piper. We love our family and enjoying watching them grow.


Work With Me ~

So, what is your story? Is your marriage falling about and you want to learn how to fight for your marriage the right way? Maybe you have a desire to grow deeper in your walk with God? Are you struggling with strongholds and want to break free? I would be honored to work with you no matter what you’re walking through. I offer different areas you can choose from. Click HERE for more information and to schedule some time with me.


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