Power Tool For Marriage

One of the most powerful tools that God has given us to use in our marriage is overlooked by many couples, and for so many different reasons.

What is this Power Tool that is so important to the health of our marriage?

The power tool I’m talking about is PRAYER!  Prayer and Marriage are uniquely related so it’s wise to invest time together in prayer.  When you pray together you are in God’s presence.

When you and your spouse prayer together, your perspective changes as you both are looking to God instead looking at yourselves.

When you pray together you get a unique opportunity to hear each others hearts.



Finding the time to pray can be a challenge and the reasons we don’t pray together can be tough to overcome as well.

Bill and I have had to overcome hindrances just to be able to pray together. It shouldn’t be like this and yet it is from time to time. Are you struggling as well? I want to help you overcome some of the same hindrances we have.

Here are some practical tips you can start with today to help you pray together and some don’ts -mistakes I’ve made in the past. Both will help you start on a solid foundation.

  1. Don’t wait for your spouse to come to you to ask to prayer together. Instead, go to them.
  2. If you need to, decided on a day and time that works best for you both to meet together to pray. Don’t stress if it’s just one day. One day is a great start and beats not praying together at all. Be patient. As you pray together your time will grow and if your consistent God will open his/her heart to pray with you more often.
  3. Clear the air before you pray. It’s important that you remove any conflicts before you begin.
  4. Keep it natural. In other words, let your guard down and pray from your heart. Don’t worry about trying to sound professional or even knowledgeable. Just pray. Anything more can turn your spouse off or cause them to feel insecure when praying and they will shut down. I know you don’t want this.
  5. Pray conversationally, just as you would if you were simply just talking. The more relaxed you are the more they will be.
  6. This is the most important lesson I have learned thus far..Do Not Preach. This isn’t the time to try to push in with your agenda.
    Resist the temptation to use this time to be your spouse’s Holy Spirit. Let the Holy Spirit do what He does best and you pray.
  7. And Lastly, Don’t limit your prayer time. Pray until you both feel released.

I’m sure you can a few to our list yourselves. What have you learned from praying with your spouse? Would you share the good, bad, and ugly with us in comments? 😉

Has God been stirring your heart to ask your spouse to pray with you? Why not start today. Today is great day to begin a new spiritual discipline in both of your lives!

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