Did you know that for the price of a cup of coffee at a coffee shop, you can purchase the latest eBook from The Imperfect Wives founder Cherie Zack called Anointing Your Home, a step by step guide on how to anoint your home, family and yourself!

Hi, my name is Veronica Corwin and I am the Ambassador for the Imperfect Wives ministry and I lead a local Imperfect Wives group here in Florida.  In this easy to understand guide, Cherie, using Biblical principles, explains the “how to” and shares some of her personal testimonies on how anointing her home has made a difference in her family!

I personally knew nothing about anointing my home until I started Imperfect Wives and read Cherie’s Blog on how to go about it and I can tell you, it is powerful and can make a huge difference!

Proceeds from this book are going to further this amazing ministry that is reaching wives and saving marriages world wide! So…. what are you waiting for? Pick up your copy today. I promise you it will be worth every penny, and the result of the knowledge and wisdom you will receive will be invaluable!

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