Dear Friends,

I am writing this on behalf of The Imperfect Wives co-founder, Cherie Zack, because I have felt impressed by the Lord to do so.
As you may be aware, Cherie is scheduled to leave for Honduras for a week-long missions trip on June 9.
With just two weeks left before the team leaves, Cherie still has quite a bit of money left to raise. Additionally, one of her sons, Troy, intends to go as well, but he is also short of the total needed.
This team will be ministering in a variety of places, including a women’s prison, orphanage, and homeless shelter.
During this trip, Cherie will also be working closely with the missionaries there to bring support and encouragement to their ministry in their area of ministering to women, especially in regard to their marriages. The plan is that Cherie will aid Pastor Ricky and Maria Saldona in establishing an Imperfect Wives Club in their location in Honduras.
If you have been impacted by The Imperfect Wives here on the blog, Facebook, or our radio program, would you please prayerfully consider contributing to cover Cherie and Troy’s expenses?
Just this morning, I was listening to a song by Josh Wilson entitled “I Refuse.” The chorus says, “I refuse to sit around and wait for someone else to do what God has called me to do myself. I could choose not to move, but I refuse.”
You may not be going on a short-term missions trip this year. But, God could be calling you to give to enable Cherie and Troy to go to Honduras.
Please pray today and ask God what He would have you to do and then refuse to do anything less than obey.
It doesn’t matter if the amount seems insignificant. God’s will is to have each of us respond to His voice in obedience. When we do this, we draw closer to Him and we become more confident in our ability to hear and respond to His leading.
There are a few ways you can give:
1. Send a check to Cherie (Send us an message and we’ll send you the address privately…we won’t publish her home address here.)
2. Hand her some cash (If you live near enough to her!)
3. PayPal (Go to our Facebook fanpage to use paypal. Our fan page link is to your right.)
Thank you for reading, praying, and obeying!

Here is Josh Wilson’s video for “I Refuse,” if you’d like to check it out: