Our Dear Friends,
Good morning! We pray that today is an awesomely blessed day in your life! You are in our thoughts and prayers as we thank God for your friendship, your faithfulness to Him and your husbands, and your commitment to pray for God’s best for your marriages! It is an honor to partner with you.
As we have hinted, exciting changes are just around the corner!
Not too long ago, the opportunity to become part of Christian Women Affiliate (CWA) (thank you, Noelle Mena, founder of CWA and a PWC member) presented itself. As Cherie began to delve into this ministry, it was obvious that there were new opportunities within this organization. God highlighted the opportunity to host a radio program under the covering of CWA on BlogTalkRadio. We were thrilled beyond words to hear that we were accepted and we’ve been working hard to get everything up and running for our launch. But more about that in a minute…
As we have continued to write and share our hearts with you, it has become clear that underlying almost everything we write is the idea that we are not perfect.

We aren’t here to exalt ourselves or try to tell you we have it all together. Quite the contrary. We make mistakes. Regularly. We pray, do our best, mess up sometimes, apologize, repent, learn from those mistakes (hopefully) and carry on to try again!
As we move into this new season in this endeavor, it has become clear that it’s time to change the name. We realize that this may come as a surprise to many of you, but we are soooo excited!
Beginning December 1, 2010, we are changing the name of Praying Wives Club to The Imperfect Wives.” For those of you who have looked at the blog, you may have noticed that “…For Imperfect Wives” has been our hearts for a while, as it was added to the header some time ago.
This name change has its roots in 2 Corinthians 12:9, which says, “But he said to me, ‘My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.’ Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.” We believe that this scripture sums up our experiences and our beliefs about how God has shown His power in our lives. And, we long to see more of Christ’s power made evident…in our marriages and lives.
We are setting up a Fan page for “The Imperfect Wives” on Facebook. We hope you will join us there when we launch it on December 1. This is a way for you to express your support for what we’re doing here and share it with your friends who aren’t members of PWC.
Just so you know, we’ll still be on Facebook, but the name will change for this group as well. The group will remained closed (invitation only) so that it is a safe place to share prayer requests and connect with one another.
In addition to the name change, the blog is getting a makeover! Our sweet friend, Mary Hess over at Mary Hess Designs is creating our new look, so keep watching!! We will unveil everything on December 1: Facebook and blog. To make sure you all make the transition with us, we’ll be providing a link for you to follow to get from FB to our new blog. We hope that all of you who are already followers on the blog will follow us on the new address as well. If you haven’t become a follower yet on the blog, we hope you’ll join us there, too!
All of this is leading up to the most exciting part (we think!) of the changes. On Tuesday, December 7, at 10 am EST, “The Imperfect Wives” will launch our first weekly LIVE call-in radio program through CWA on BlogTalkRadio. It will be broadcasted live on the internet as it is being recorded so that it can be downloaded for free from the internet at CWA, BlogTalkRadio, and iTunes.
To celebrate our launch (and our birthdays!), we are holding an online party! From December 6-10, we will be having give-aways on our blog daily. We don’t want to share all of our good news at once, so you’ll have to stay tuned to hear about the exciting things we have to give away from a variety of wonderful Christian women! Trust us when we say that you don’t want to miss these…you’ll be hoping that you win!
As you can read, exciting changes are underway for Praying Wives Club/The Imperfect Wives. We are delighted in what the Lord is doing with this group and our expectation is that He will touch many hearts and lives through our small efforts. We know that He has the power to take our “little” and turn it into “much” for His glory!
Please join us on this new journey as we seek to gain more ground for the Kingdom!
With love and prayers,

Cherie & Rebecca ♥