See to it that no one takes you captive through hollow and deceptive philosophy, which depends on human tradition and the basic principles of this world rather than on Christ.  Colossians 2:8 (NIV, 1984)


They are all around us.  We have signs warning that curves are ahead and that there are bumps on the road.  There are warnings of electrical shock and hot liquids and alarmed doors.  There are warnings of what will happen if you wash certain clothes made of certain fabrics and warnings on mattresses!

Paul, in Colossians has a warning for me (and for you, I believe).

Paul warns against being deceived.

His warning in Colossians 2:8 (see above) is not because something could harm us temporarily or inconvenience us or pose a simple one-time danger, but the deception he warns against leads to captivity.

I don’t know about you but I treasure my freedom.  My freedom as an American, as a military wife, as a homeschooling mother, as a woman and as a believer is highly valued.

Yes, my very freedom in Christ is something that I highly prize. 

Captivity is NOT something I desire.

I was confronted, within the past two weeks, by the Holy Spirit telling me that I had fallen captive to this very kind of deception.

Over the next few weeks I hope to share with you some of what the Lord is teaching me in regards to the deception that I have allowed to permeate my life.  Sounds drastic, doesn’t it?  For me, it has been incredibly eye-opening and has led me to consider all areas of my life with this new insight.

Let me start from where God initially spoke to me as it was through a phrase.

I don’t know if I heard the phrase spoken by someone on the t.v., radio, or in a conversation I had or overheard, or if I saw the phrase on a magazine cover or if I was thinking of something and the phrase ran through my mind but, nonetheless, the phrase was the beginning of this journey that I am on with the Lord at this junction in my life.

The phrase was “living a balanced life.”

As I heard this phrase the Lord very clearly got my attention and challenged me to come before Him and ask Him the truth of this statement.

As I came before Him in prayer, and through His Word, it was clear that this statement is in fact FALSE.

In fact, God has not called me (or you) to live a “balanced life.”  Life in Christ is decidedly unbalanced!

The scale should unequivocably tip, in favor, to Christ.  Picture a scale with two bowls hanging between a stand.  As a believer, my life should look weighted down with my devotion to Christ.  Since I am a new creation and “in Christ” my life is no longer my own.  Balancing things in life is no longer my goal.  Rather the goal of my life as a Christ-follower is to die to self and take up my cross and follow Him (see Luke 9:23).

Yet, here (not tipping the scales towards Christ) is where I found myself in many areas.  I have been shaped by a lie.

Yes, it really is that drastic.  I truly did hold some things in my life as truth and they were based on this “living a balanced” life mantra that is spouted by American society and the greater western world.

You see, living a balanced life fit within my sphere of comfort.

The deception was bought hook-line-and sinker.

The implications from being freed from this deception have been startling.  Just realizing that I have bought into this lie has already brought me incredible freedom.

The areas that God is working on me are numerous and I hope that you will join me for the journey.

But for this week, if you have ever found yourself nodding in agreement when you have heard said or when you have even said the phrase “living a balanced life,” I invite you to seek the Lord as to the truth or deception of this statement.

I believe, if you have been deceived it mostly has been subtly by living in the fallen world.

I am being challenged as an Imperfect Wife and mother as to what this means for me personally.

I know that more perfect freedom is in store for me and my family as a result of God doing a good work through Christ in me!

There is such hope in Christ, ladies, and the journey is just beginning!

Next week I will share some of the implications that I have as an Imperfect Wife when I am no longer deceived by empty human philosophy.  Buckle up and let’s get “unbalanced” together!