To have and to hold.

For better or worse.

For richer or poorer.

In sickness and in health.

Forsaking all others.

Until death do you part.





These phrases are part of traditional wedding ceremonies.
For most of us, they are familiar words.
Maybe you even said words very similar to those at your own wedding.
I know I did.  (All except the last one…but we’ll talk about that another day.)
These words remind us that we all have choices to make.
Daily choices that, over time, add up to a pattern of behavior and lead our spouse to have expectations of who we are and predict how we’ll act in the future.
What choices are you making today?
Are you choosing to have and to hold, or to keep him at arm’s length?  (You know what I mean…do you kiss him just because you can?)
Are you doing your part to make sure that his day is better than it would be without you in it?

If your bank balance reminds you that maybe you’re on the poorer side of rich, do you still express gratitude for all that God has provided for you and your husband?
If you’re dealing with sickness, are you trusting God for healing and for strength to endure until that healing manifests?
Do you run from temptation from another, whether in thought or in person?  Remember…you’re supposed to forsake (give up) everyone else!
Are you committed to that man of yours until death?  {Or do you sometimes entertain thoughts that if things get too tough, you’ll run away and start over?}
And then there’s the rest…
* love

* honor

* cherish

* obey (submit!)
I hope the choices seem apparent to you.
They sum up the covenant between you, God and your hubby.
You’ve made a commitment before God to do what is right toward your husband, no matter what circumstances may come your way.
On the days when everything’s going fine, those choices can be pretty easy.
On days when things aren’t all hunky-dory, those choices can be much more difficult.
Maybe you feel weak, tired, unmotivated, just completely over it and wondering when it’s his turn to be the “bigger person.”
There’s hope.  Remember what the Lord said to Paul in 2 Corinthians 12:9,
“My grace is sufficient for you,
for my power is made
perfect in weakness.”

In your weakness, just reach out for our precious Lord’s grace.  It is enough.  And then His power comes.
Power to choose to love, honor, cherish, submit, and do all that you have committed to do in your marriage covenant.  Power to consistently be the wife, lover, and friend that you promised you’d be. Power to be the right kind of person and honor your covenant.
There are blessings that come because of covenant upheld.  
And God is faithful.  You do your part and trust God for the rest. 
He knows how to take care of His kids even when it doesn’t look like it’s all going to turn out right. Just relax, do the part only you can do, and watch and see what God does.  You’ll be amazed.  
Excited to see what’s coming next,