Tonight I had the opportunity to pray for Robert.

I pray for Robert every day, usually many times throughout the day.

These prayers are long, short, loud, whispered, cries for help or filled with laughter and joy in thanksgiving for the gift of grace that Robert is in my life.

I pray for him for wisdom, favor, insight, strength, joy, endurance, protection and for so many other things.

I pray the Word over him.  Sometimes I proclaim God’s promises over him, reminding him of who he is in Christ.

But tonight was especially sweet and tender as I prayed for him.

Robert’s faith was radiant in his face as he expected God to answer my prayer.

And the wonderful thing was that God did, indeed, give us an answer to that prayer!

What a moment for rejoicing.

And it drew us closer together as we drew closer to God.

That is a mystery and a delight.

As I meditated on this most recent answer to prayer, God reminded me of the many prayers I have prayed for my husband over the years.

I thought of His great faithfulness.

And the faithfulness that I am continuing to learn in prayer.

Then, God did what He so often does:  He brought a popular song to my mind, one that I often thought of while Robert was deployed.

You might be familiar with it:  “I Say A Little Prayer For You.”

The lyrics lay out how the singer prays for the one she loves throughout the day.

She intertwines her expressions of love for him with her prayers.  The big difference is that they aren’t married, although it is obvious that is her goal.

My prayer for each of you is that you would choose to focus on your love for your husband (and all of his great qualities instead of the things that you don’t appreciate so much) and pray for him throughout each day.

With love and prayers,


Here is a link to listen to “I Say A Little Prayer” by Aretha Franklin:  Enjoy!