Has your mouth ever gotten you into trouble?

Mine has. More than once       a hundred times I can count.

The Bible is full of wisdom concerning our lips and our mouths.

KISS…maybe you know the acronym.  Keep It Sealed, Silly.  (I know, I know…that’s not the real meaning, but it suits my purposes here.  Hang in there with me.  I really am going somewhere with all of this!)

On The Imperfect Wives Radio and here on the blog, we regularly encourage ourselves and you, dear readers, to watch what we say…especially to our husbands.  Sometimes, it’s just better to keep your lips sealed!

On more than one occasion, however, we’ve also encouraged you to make sure you do something positive with your lips:  greet your husband with a kiss when he comes home at the end of the day.

We sure do hope you’re doing that!

Did you know that the Bible talks about kissing?

A lot.

Over forty times, in fact.

Most of those references are in the context of a family greeting.

Several of these passages talk about a kiss as a greeting or farewell between believers:  a holy kiss or a kiss of love.

Unfortunately, a few of the kisses mentioned in the Bible aren’t great:  the kiss of a prostitute to lure a man into temptation, kissing a false idol, and the kiss as the symbol of the ultimate betrayal of Jesus by Judas.

And, of course, Song of Solomon mentions passionate kissing a couple of times.

The same basic motion:  touching with the lips.

But different intentions of the heart.  

All of this talk of kissing really started when I read a blurb in a magazine extolling the benefits of romantic kissing.

You know that got my attention!  (And Robert’s too.  If you want to know the truth…I did leave the magazine strategically open to the right page in a place where I knew he’d see it…and, yes, that means the bathroom at our house.)

And I know you’re wondering what the benefits are, too!  {So I won’t keep you waiting any longer.}


  • floods the bloodstream with dopamine, which creates a “natural high”
  • reduces cholesterol in men and women
  • male saliva contains testosterone…so a “lingering lip lock” is, believe it or not, a dependable way to deliver the hormone to the woman (and yes, we do need testosterone…our female bodies produce some, but apparently we benefit from an added dose!)
You may be wondering why I spent all this time talking about so trivial a topic or one that is reserved for the newly married.  Maybe kissing seems to be something little girls giggle about and brides-to-be daydream about…not the domain of (long-)married women.  Is that what you’re thinking?  I hope not!  I hope that you and your husband are kissing.  
Regularly.  Frequently.  Passionately.
(I can tell you that the teenagers at my house wish that there were a lot less kissing at this address!)

I think it’s pretty awesome how God designed something {kissing} that feels so good to be so good for both husband and wife!  It’s good for us physically, mentally and emotionally.  I just love that.  He’s a really good God!  
I’ve written this to give you permission to express those feelings of love, desire, and tenderness toward your husband.  He needs to know that you long for a passionate intimate relationship…one that begins long before the lights go out at the end of a full day!
If you’re out of practice (now ladies, I’m not talking about a little peck with what I call “hard lips”), there’s no time like the present to start.  And you know, practice makes perfect!
So, what are you waiting for?  Go on…give your man a kiss, already!

P.S.  You know that I can’t post about romance without at least referring to a song…I’ve had the Hall & Oates song “Kiss On My List” running through my head for hours now.  Is your husband’s kiss on your list of the best things in life?