What we say matters.

A lot.
Are we speaking words of life and faith…
Or words of fear and doubt?
Lately I’ve been evaluating what I’ve been saying to Robert.

In those unguarded moments when there isn’t a “topic.”
In those moments when I have an “agenda.” (You know what I mean, ladies…you’ve got something important to talk about and you’ve already figured out exactly what you’re going to say…and how your husband should respond!)
So…I’ve got to PRAY.
Check in with the Lord. Make sure that what I’m saying is pleasing to Him. And uplifting to my husband.
Am I complaining? Even hinting at being unhappy or dissatisfied? Being critical of something he’s doing (or not doing)? Expressing fear about a situation? Or just being negative in the general sense?
How easy it is to fall into a habit where I express more negative than positive.
I don’t like it when I’m on the receiving end of those sorts of things.
When I have those things directed at me, I feel discouraged, disheartened…and maybe even worse.
So, it’s seems logical that my hubby wouldn’t want to hear those things, either.
I’ve been much more deliberate lately. Putting my attention to what God would have me to say or not say, as the case might be.
This idea is a review for me. I’ve listened to all sorts of teaching about the power of words. I’ve heard lots of motivational talks on staying positive and being upbeat.
It’s all good stuff. It’s encouraging, entertaining, and maybe even educational.
But for me, what’s different this time around is my motivation.
I really want to express my love for the Lord. I want my words to reflect how I feel about Jesus and let His love flow through me in deeper and more meaningful ways than ever before. I don’t want to simply say the right “Christian” things. I have a strong desire to say only the things that God would have me to say! (And, yes, that means I talk less than I used to!)
Here’s the thing:
Jesus loves my Robert! So, my words have to line up with what Jesus would say to that man of mine.
Jesus loves your husband, too. And He wants your words to reflect that love.
Just ask Him to help you make the necessary adjustments.
Whether it’s a major overhaul in your everyday conversation or just a few minor adjustments, the Holy Spirit is ready and more than able to be your helper in this area!
I’m seeing improvements…and it’s getting a little easier and more natural feeling. It’s a good thing. I hope that I’m expressing more “true love” to Robert. Not just on Tuesdays, but every day of the week.
With love and prayers for all of us “Imperfect Wives,”