New Year’s Eve. It holds the promise of romance.
For those of us who are married and have children, New Year’s Eve doesn’t always deliver on that promise.
Some years, Robert and I have fallen asleep well before midnight. No countdown to midnight. No “curl your toes” kiss at the stroke of twelve.
I don’t mind. Not really. Because what we share is deeper than that.
We celebrated our twenty-first anniversary last week. After all these years, we both agree that we are more in love with each other than ever. In fact, Robert found an old song that summed up that sentiment perfectly in this line: “I thank the Lord for love like ours that grows ever stronger” (from the song “More Today Than Yesterday” by the group Spiral Staircase). I’ve found myself humming it in the past few days, encouraged by those words.
Not that we don’t have our fair share of “intense fellowship,” as a dear friend of mine calls arguments. Not that we don’t have busy schedules or distractions or a million things calling for our attention. We have all of that, too.
However, in the midst of life’s challenges, we have chosen to put our attention to our marriage and work hard at it. It’s definitely a priority for us. God taught us that years ago.
It’s far from easy at moments. It’s occasionally not what either one of us would call “fun.”
But the rewards are worth it. Without doubt. The “speed bumps” that we make it over are just that. Bumps in the road.
Those bumps make the sweet times that much sweeter, in my opinion.
I’m far more appreciative of our love affair when I can see it in contrast to what the alternative could be.
This week, as 2010 comes to a close and we begin to focus on what the new year holds for us, it’s the perfect opportunity to express your love and appreciation for your husband. He’s blessed you in many ways this year. He’ll be a blessing to you in this coming year.
Now’s your chance to show him that despite all of the “speed bumps” you’ve encountered this year, he’s still the love of your life.
It doesn’t have to be at midnight. Just find the right time. Maybe the right song. Or scripture. Ask God to show you what will speak to your guy’s heart. Then do it.
You’ll be glad you did. True Love. It doesn’t follow a pattern or recipe. It’s beautiful and unique, to be treasured and nurtured and celebrated.
With love and prayers,