Today’s Imperfect Minutes: Are You Being Tempted

Hands holding old clock


Ladies, the enemy can’t have what we don’t give him. Don’t give her your peace, your joy, your time, your relationship with your husband and your children. When you are at your weakest -this is when he attacks….

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Have you ever felt imperfect or like a failure when it comes to being a mom? We all have at one time or another. We have some encouraging news for you. Your imperfections come with a purpose. God wants to use our imperfections to teach us about ourselves and about our children. And you are not alone! Imperfect Moms is a group set apart from the craziness of this world to give us a safe place to share and be real with each other. Parenting is probably the hardest job we have. But we don’t have to do it alone! You are invited to join us in this amazing and imperfect world we call Imperfect Moms!

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