I have a confession to make:  I am a to-do list junkie.

I love to-do lists.

I love the clean white paper, filled in with the neatest lines I can write of things to do.

But more than that I love the big, bold lines of items being crossed out.

I have even been known (she writes as she hangs her head in shame) to write things on my to-do list after I have completed my mission, simply so I could cross them off.

I love the feeling of euphoria that is reached when I have accomplished one. more. thing.

And in this house, with four small children, I count it even greater joy.

But there are some problems with my to-do list obsessions. (Insert big discontented sigh.)

When I am not careful, I begin to make those around me feel like nothing more than an item on my to-do list.

Especially my husband.

Oops. Yeah, I do that.

I could make a million excuses: there’s a child who always needs me, homeschooling consumes a lot of my time, there is work to be done, blah, blah blah . . .

But the Bible is clear about our relationship.

“I belong to my beloved, and his desire is for me.”
His desire is for me. Yes, he desires me that way (you know the way most of Song of Solomon mentions), but he desires me in so many other ways as well.

He desires my time, my attention, my focused mind all on him.

And he deserves that.

Ladies, will you join me this week as we work to focus more on Him and him {that man of yours}and less on the never-ending-will-always-and-a-day-have-as-long-as-you-live-and-breath to-do list.
Loving my man more than my to-do list,