7-23-2014 8-32-43 AMAs I was sewing a bedspread back together that got torn, the Holy Spirit brought something to my mind about marriages. Many times in marriage we can become torn apart through the storms we go through. We can drift apart due to the struggles we face every day.  There will be times when we don’t see eye to eye with our husband or vice versa. We can begin to feel distant from our husband.

Much like the bedspread I was sewing back together, God can bring us back together through prayer. Prayer is such a powerful thing we can utilize daily for anything, especially for our family. When we do began to feel distant from our husband we can talk to them, if we feel comfortable enough. If you feel like it may cause an argument, then take it to God in prayer for He knows the situation better than we do and He will tell us what we need to do. The Holy Spirit will speak to you and show you what can help the marriage become fulfilling again.

God is the master weaver; He will weave you back to closeness through prayer!

I know at times my husband and I have gone through things and I did not as close to him. Trials and struggles can put a rift between the two of you, if you allow them too. I would usually pray to God about it.  If your husband is a believer he will often know there is a distant feeling too. Pray for God to help him not to feel bad, but to ask for God’s wisdom. If your husband is not a believer, you can still pray He would realize that there is a rift there. In addition to that, pray for his salvation constantly and be a loving example.

“And if one prevail against him, two shall withstand him; and a threefold

cord is not quickly broken.” (Ecclesiastes 4:12)

Solomon left many wise words for us to read, this verse from Ecclesiastes being one of them. If we are working together in our marriage without the help of God; we won’t overcome Satan and his devices. We can’t face the enemy alone. We have to have God as the cord that holds us together and helps us fight Satan. Satan is not on your side. He doesn’t want your marriage to succeed. He wants nothing but failure for your marriage. That is why praying to God daily is so important and praying for your husband is too. He faces many temptations and challenges daily, just as you do. Our men need our prayers and encouragement. Praying is the best spiritual weapon we have besides knowing the Word of God. When we know the Word of God, we can pray that over our husbands. What power God has given us to live a fulfilled life and have a fulfilled marriage!! It may not be easy to get through those distant times in marriage, but each time you overcome trials you are becoming stronger as husband and wife.

Let’s take a moment to pray!

Lord, we thank YOU for our husbands. Thank You that we have someone to pick us up when we fall down and someone to keep us warm when we are cold. Thank You for Your power. You are the Mighty One that holds us together if we seek YOUR face. May we never let trials turn us from our husbands or from YOU. Help us to cry out to YOU for help and for restoration. Help us to be the wives that our husband needs and that YOU desire us to be. 

In Jesus name, Amen

Building strong marriages together, 

Heather Strickland