We would like to send out a challenge to all of our wives including us.
Will you take a minute to sit down and make two list.

The first: a list of the things that drive you crazy about your husband.

The second: a list of the things you LOVE about you husband.

Once your lists are done, look at both and pray over the dislikes, then thank God for the likes! You will be surprised at what God reveals to you on your husbands behalf.

Remember, God loves our husband even more than we do. He wants to see them succeed in everything they put their hands too. He watches over every dream He has for them. He delights in their love for us and our children.

Knowing that God is watching over them is comforting but they still need us to be actively praying over every need and challenge they face.

They need our understanding, they need our prayers, they need our patience, they need our Love!

I’ve included a song that reminds me of Bill and encourages my love for him each time I hear it. As you listen I pray you are reminded of the good gifts God has given you in your
husband and marriage.

We have a treat for you as well. Traci Little over at Ordinary Inspirations is guest posting here tomorrow for True Love Tuesday! Rebecca and I are so excited to have her. She is a sweet lady and we love her blog and feel you are going to love her too. Check her out tomorrow!!

Praying for your marriages,