“When we tithe, God knows that we trust Him.”

My parents are here for a couple of days. I always love it when they come for many reason. One, I get to sit under their vast wisdom. They didn’t get to their age by accident or without trials and vally’s.

Daddy sat down this morning to spend my devotion time with me. This is just one of many things he shared. It was a side comment but spoke encouragement to my heart.

Be encouraged and know that through your commitment to tithe, God sees your trust in Him. Are you getting the same excitement in your heart that I am? I know God is ministering to you as you read this.

If you and your husband are not tithing please begin to pray about it now. Trust is one of the most important aspect of our relationship with God and each other. Plus, the church can not continue without our tithes.

I pray each of you are blessed beyond measure so as God calls you to give as a couple, you can give through your abundance and not always your lack.

Praying for each of you this morning,

Cherie ♥