One of our most important areas of ministry to our husbands in our homes. I have found a complete jewel. Her name is “Nester” and has a blog called “Nesting Place”. I have fallen in love with what this girl can do with little to no money and her home. Check her out ladies! She has the sweetest “Window Mistreatment’s” I have ever seen. Love them!!! I have also had a desire to put a letter in a wreath for my front door and found that Nester wrote a post of just that!! Lovely! I know my punctuation is all over the place (Rebecca, please forgive me) but I am so excited about this girl and her blog. You will find so many things you will want to do with your own homes from making easy slip covers for your couch to hosting your very own “Swap Meet”. Check her out and have a blast!! Let me know what you think! :o)

Click here to check out Nester!! :o)