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Cherie Zack is a dear friend and mentor of mine. In one of the roughest storms of my marriage when all I wanted to do was run, The Lord blessed me with the guidance of someone who has walk in a very similar path as me. I needed wisdom and guidance, Cherie offered me much more then I ever expected. The Lord has used Cherie and Marriage Boot Camp to completely change my perspective on marriage. The knowledge and understanding that I gained through this study is priceless and I continue to return to it over and over again. -Ashley, NC


When I began coaching with Cherie, my marriage wasn’t in terrible shape, but it was experiencing some difficulties that I needed help with; most of which came from baggage that I had brought into the marriage.  Cherie began to teach me about strongholds and developing ways to recognize the strongholds. She also taught me about generational curses and I could clearly see how these curses had been in our family for many generations, and carried on into the current generation with my daughters.  Cherie encouraged me to dig deep into God’s word, as well as watching the words that I speak to my husband, and to myself!  Death and Life are in the power in the word, and God tells us in Proverbs 18:27 that we will eat its fruit.  I have more work to do in my own self, and I am looking forward to what else the Lord has in store for my time with Cherie.  I’m grateful for her desire to help women who are struggling in their marriages, and teach them how to be better wives! I want to be the best wife I can be, and I am learning so very much through Cherie’s counseling!  Thank You, Cherie! You are truly a blessing! Christi, WI


Satan surely knows how to get to us. I am convinced he knows us better then we know ourselves, which is why as soon as I started running towards Jesus, my marriage slowly but surely started to fail. Over the space of two years, it got worse. But over the space of two years, I also grew! I have to say, I would have given up if it was not for the counsel I received, month after month from Cherie. I learned so much in Bible Study and from one on one counseling with her. But finally, the big moment of realization was through Cherie’s Marriage Boot Camp class. The whole world screams the dirty “D” word: Divorce. Even within Christian support groups, therapy etc. I went to a Christian counselor out in town who also told me to leave my husband. It was not what I wanted to hear. But as soon as words are spoken to you, they are put in your mind to be spun around and out of control if we let them. All of a sudden I found myself talking about it with my husband. Not because it was what I wanted but because it was in my head. We need to surround ourselves with people who are pro marriage. Who have been through the struggle but come out the other side. This is Cherie. She was always there for me to help me see Gods view, not the worlds. I grew so much over the two years yet the worlds advise still shook me! I joined the Boot Camp class with both hands raised, asking God to revive my marriage through continued change in me. The six weeks of this course was almost like being in a Bible school, there were so many moments where Cherie was able to give you a verse but have you apply it to your own life (because we are all different) but also to help you tune into hearing God, because at the end of the day that is all that matters is what God asks of you. Well, to God be all the glory!! My husband has a changed heart. He’s not perfect and neither am I. However, I saw a complete change in his attitude towards me that shows there is no doubt that God has worked through a miracle before my own eyes. I went to bed crying because right then, in that moment, I saw how “all things work together for good.” I put my hope in God against all odds and it was THE RIGHT CHOICE! To think, if I had listened to someone else a second longer I would have missed out on this opportunity. The opportunity for my son to have his Mum and Dad in his life. The opportunity of being able to live the rest of my life with my best friend and love of my life. The opportunity to say “we got through the bad and became stronger.” The opportunity for a stronger relationship in Christ. The opportunity to tell you reading this that God is for you and not against you. If you are struggling or if you just want to have Godly advice through good and bad times, please do not hesitate to book an appointment with Cherie or take her Marriage Boot Camp class. She cares for your marriage as she does for mine. It has been so lovely to go through this with her and celebrate the victory!! From the bottom of my heart, Cherie – Thank you! ~Michelle, SC



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