This week God spoke to me.

Not through a burning bush, as He did for Moses.

But through His Word. His Word is powerful and how He speaks to me.

It so happens, I was reading the account of Moses coming upon the burning bush while he was tending sheep for his father-in-law. Moses saw the bush burning while he was in the wilderness of Sinai.

He was intrigued because the bush that was burning was not being consumed.

He investigated and He met God.

Are you the curious type? I am — if it looks interesting, mysterious, or unexplained I want to investigate.

As Moses stepped forward to investigate this strange bush and fire, God called out to him. Exodus 3:4 says,

When the LORD saw Moses coming to take a closer look, God called to him from the middle of the bush, “Moses, Moses!” “Here I am!” Moses replied.

Stop there. Hold On.

Moses replied, “Here I am!”? He didn’t freeze? He didn’t hide? He didn’t fall mute? He didn’t run? [can’t say I would have piped up and answered the bush!]

This week many Imperfect Wives finished a fast. Those who participated may have heard the Lord concerning our marriages. We may have received answers on behalf of loved ones. We may have stumbled or even fallen prey to Satan’s attacks.

Or we may be staring straight at the miraculous. A bush that burns, yet is not consumed. Maybe we even heard God calling out our name from the bush.

Wow! It is my prayer that you did experience a miracle.

This week, while expecting and believing God to do great things for my marriage and those I love, I stumbled upon a devotional of Exodus 3. The writer called attention to those who have a “burning bush experience.” He called them to BEWARE.

“Beware of getting caught up in, in awe of the miraculous, that you miss the intention of the miracle.”

You see, miracles are for pointing us to the Miracle Maker. They are heavenly intervention, directing us to the Heavenly Father. They are intended to bring us closer to God. Jesus performed miracles to point others to the Father.

Not that God doesn’t want to give His children good things; He does. Hallelujah, He does! But miracles in our lives aren’t just for that.

Moses, while certainly curious and amazed at the miraculous, didn’t let it stop there. He allowed the miracle to bring him to an understanding that he must have before he could do all that God was calling him to do.

Keep reading in Exodus 3. Verse 13-14 says,

I Am.

This is what Moses had to learn about God. God is the Great I Am. Moses needed know this about God.

It is who God is.

It is what Moses would cling to as he journeyed back into the enemy territory of Egypt.

It is how he would relate to God in the journey out of Egypt and ac
ross the Red Sea.

It was how he could live for forty years in the wilderness.

It was in the knowledge of the I Am that he could walk by faith until the end of his earthly journey.

God is the Great I Am.

Moses knew it. Knew Him.

Do you know Him as the I Am, ladies?

Catch a glimpse of Him as He moves and brings changes, healing, restoration, forgiveness, grace and mercy.

And the miraculous.

It’s what the miracles are for; it’s what the burning bush is for — come to know Him as I Am.