Sweet Potato Pie & Marriage 01


I remember when my husband and I started celebrating Thanksgiving as a family.  My husband’s favorite dessert is sweet potato pie. At the time, I had no clue as how to bake a sweet potato pie. Clueless you hear me!

I remembered that my grandmother gave me a recipe booklet, and in there was a recipe for sweet tater pie; she was from Georgia you know!  Anyway, I gave it a shot! I carefully read the ingredients and mixed everything together; I was very excited to see the outcome! However, guess what?

Something went terribly wrong!

When I opened the oven, the pie was still runny. The worst part was when I went to take it out; it went all over the oven. It was a mess! You might ask how I am bringing the “Happy” back into the holiday.

That is a terrible, horrific story, and not to mention traumatic for a new bride. But it is a happy memory because I am still making those sweet potato pies to this day. I did not give up on making his favorite dessert! Honey, they are famous now! I put my own personal spin on that recipe and made it my own.

Guess what, the same thing goes for our marriages!

We can take advice, read, and listen to our friends.

But in the end it is up to GOD, you, and your husband to put all the ingredients together to make what works for the two of you!

Building stronger marriages together,

Leanne Collins