HoneyPleasant words are as an honeycomb, sweet to the soul, and health to the bones. (Proverbs 16:24)

Grace, it’s a word so often used. Yet, I don’t know that everyone really understands its meaning. Grace is getting something that we don’t deserve or unmerited favor from God. How can we show that same grace to our husbands? It’s not always easy to extend grace to them, even when it’s little things that irritate us. God calls us to be forgiving and gracious to those around us.

Our husbands are no exception! With God’s help we can extend grace to them even when we don’t think they deserve it.

I know many times in my marriage, my husband has extended grace to me when I certainlydidn’t deserve it. He realized that God had done the same for him many times so why should he withhold it from me? I know there are times that I do the same for him. How can I be prideful and not extend grace to my man when I’ve been shown more grace than I deserve? It’s important to remember we aren’t perfect and that God has been the most gracious to us.

One way we can show grace to our husband is in our speech. Our tongues are the most deadly part of our bodies. God calls that we be honorable in our speech and to be careful what we say to others. Our words can’t be taken back once we speak them and it’s important to remember that. Our husband is our beloved! We should be very careful about how we speak to him, even if he speaks to us harshly. Being kind and loving back is what pleases God. Our words can heal or hurt. God speaks graciously to us in His Word and we should do the same towards our men.

So next time you are having trouble extending grace to your husband, try to remember how God has extended grace to you. He gave us life when we deserved death. He made a way with His only begotten Son for us to enter eternal life. We deserve death, but God redeemed us by His grace. He is such a loving and wonderful God. He loves us so much and desires that we love one another in the same manner.

Lord, help me to be wise with my words towards my husband. May I speak with grace and love even when he may not deserve it. Help me to remember how much grace I have been shown from You. I want to extend that same grace to my husband and those around me. Thank You for my husband. Thank You that You are working in him to accomplish what You desire for him. I ask that You would draw us closer to You so that we may show grace to one another. In Jesus name, Amen.

Building strong marriages together,  

Heather Strickland