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Something New For You - Cherie Zack | Fighting For Your Marriage

Our ministry has been in transition for a few months now and the result is something new for you! For those of you that have been with us from the start, you will remember our first group, Praying Wives Club, which started in 2008. In 2010, we transitioned to The Imperfect Wives for reasons we didn’t know at the time.  For the last three years, The Imperfect Wives Ministry has been teaching wives how to fight for their marriage behind the scenes with counseling and coaching.  During this time, the term Warrior Wives emerged.  Why Warrior Wives? Because we have realized some of you are at this new stage in your battle.

We, as a team, set aside 7 days in August to seek God on behalf of this ministry. I wasn’t sure where God would take us, if anywhere new. I was spending time with Him in my Barn here on our property and had laid everything down that I was doing at that moment. I just wanted His attention which led to worshipping Him.  In time, I was crying out for our wives who are struggling in their marriages- for the ones who are fighting just to stay in the marriage, for those who are fighting against their flesh to say no to it and yes to God, and something beautiful happened.

God has taken us on the sweetest journey the last ten years. We never knew exactly where we were going, but we knew we could trust Him.  God has been faithful to us from the start.  It was in that moment, there in the Barn as I worshipped Him, that He took me on the most beautiful journey, a journey through this ministry since it started.

With God, I revisited the faithful steps of obedience we had taken together.  It all began with my own fight for my marriage, where these lessons were taught to me.  Then, God sent me ladies (strangers) asking for prayer in the middle of grocery stores, book stores, and more. Next, we started our first group on Facebook as well as this blog (It looked so different then). It was there we began to understand our imperfections and how our flesh works against us if we don’t call it into obedience to Christ.  We also learned how we gain ground in our battle by becoming a wife who fights for her husband instead of against him. We have changed so much over the last ten years and where we stand now is proof.

The Praying Wives Club

Our ministry name has changed three times since its inception and God was about to tell me why. I was mistakenly of the mindset that I stunk as a leader because I couldn’t stick with a name for this ministry. I had no idea God was doing something beautiful and powerful all these years! We started as Praying Wives Club for a reason. Though I thought it was because we were praying, God’s design was so much deeper than that. He shared with me this: You have to be on milk first, before you can receive solids.

Just as a baby can only receive formula, wives who are at the beginning of their battle can only receive milk. Milk is easy to swallow, gives the right amount of nutrients for the body and creates a foundation for growth. Prayer creates the same type of growth and begins to set the building blocks for more. Hearing this set my heart from a resting pace to beating what felt like a thousands times a minute. God had my attention and He was about to share more!

The Imperfect Wives Ministry

The milk we were on in that season created the foundation we needed through prayer to transition to our next season, The Imperfect Wives. God said, you gained the foundation you needed as you prayed for your husband. I turned your heart towards him when your heart usually battled against him. You couldn’t receive solid food because you were not ready. Your heart needed to be tender and, in time, it became just that.

Imperfect Wives meant we were ready to receive the truth (more solid food like veggies and fruits) that change couldn’t happen in our husband until it first happened in us. Imperfections (SIN) were being revealed in every chamber of our hearts and God was now asking us to change. Most of us fought against Him and lost. But, we Kept Asking, Kept Reaching, Kept Praying, Kept Believing! And God moved in powerful ways. He saved us from ourselves, gave us grace for each moment, and began to change us into the wives He has designed us to be. But, there was more. One more season had to come to pass before we could fully understand what God was doing in us.

The Warrior Wife

The last three years we took a break from Facebook -Me and this ministry as a whole. We thought it was to move our ministry here to our blog, but we were wrong. We lost leaders because we left Facebook and I mistakenly thought once again that I lacked the skills to lead this ministry well. However, God had His plan. What I didn’t understand at the time was this: the heart of this move was to quiet the world’s influence in our lives and marriage and remove the majority of its existence from our thoughts, daily living, and emotions. We couldn’t go into this next season with the world’s view continually before us. We were about to go into a battle unlike one we have ever been through before and God’s word was the only view we needed to overcome it and to survive it. It was time. We were now ready for MEAT.

Milk and solids were no longer enough. We needed more. We needed meat to sustain us and grow us as we were becoming deeply rooted in our understanding of God’s word and how it applies to our personal lives. We were ready to become the wife who fights for her husband not against them. We were wives who had finally learned we have to lay down our rights if we are going to win this battle. The enemy is a strong foe, but only as strong as we allow him to be. He has a plan that was set against our husbands from the time they were born. If we were going to win, we could no longer subscribe to the world’s view of marriage and sin.

We had to solely focus on God and His TRUTH by applying the Biblical Principles He has been teaching us from the beginning of this ministry. We had to confess our sin, repent, and yield to God in every area, and we did! God began the process of tearing down every thought and belief that exalted itself against Him and His design for us. The result, we are winning! Our team has witnessed husbands receiving salvation. They are going to church with us and making our families a priority. We are seeing movement in these areas across our team and they are such beautiful stories to behold! We are all at different stages in this season, but we are thriving!

Where We Are Now?

The truth is, I’m not as bad of a leader as the enemy had me believing. I stayed close to God and followed His lead even when I didn’t fully understand where He was taking me. I knew He had a plan. I now know His plan had to be deeply rooted into our heart, soul, and spirit.  This couldn’t have happened without first going on milk. Each name change represents a season of the wife who is fighting to save her marriage and they all culminated into the theme and the three seasons that make up this ministry: Fighting For Your Marriage. God showed me that each name represents the three seasons a wife will go through when she chooses to fight for her marriage. We introduce to you: Praying Wives, Imperfect Wives, and Warrior Wives!

The Imperfect Wives is now Fighting For Your Marriage and the overall Vision of this ministry. The three groups is our mission and how we are getting there. Now that you have read our story, are you curious which season you are in? Our team has put together an incredible survey that tells our story in the most beautiful way. We simply call it the Marriage Quiz. You can take it today. We have designed the quiz in a way that reveals to you where you are in your walk in your fight for your marriage and which of our three groups will support you best in your current season.


We are also bringing back our online groups. Four to be exact!

Fighting For Your Marriage Community Connections (This group is for everyone)

Three Main Groups: Praying Wives, Imperfect Wives, Warrior Wives. Though we understand we are all going in and out of seasons, the Marriage Quiz is designed to reveal which season you are in the most. Our desire is to serve you well in your current season.As growth happens and seasons change you can expect to move about in all three seasons.

Local FFYM Groups:

We are adding to our Local groups again as God leads. Are you interested in hosting a group in your area, church, or home? Click BECOME A LOCAL LEADER to find out more and apply.

We also have a national radio program that went international in just 3 days of launching. You can listen to 10 of our programs here on our page at Westar Media. 

We are excited about the path God has given us and honored to walk in this journey with you. You are invited to check out our groups, take the marriage quiz, check out our Local Group page, and more. We would love to hear your voice. Leave us a comment, prayer request, thoughts on what we’ve shared today and resources you would like to see here on our site. We looking forward to connecting with you and hearing your voice!