“The enemy of our soul knows where our flesh is the weakest.”

Have you noticed satan puts temptation in our paths at our most vulnerable points? What we need to see is not whether there will be temptations, but when will we experience that temptation?

The enemies of God are continually, perpetually, always active and always coming against us.

It’s how we will handle them that counts. We should remember to seek God first and satan will flee. James 4

What temptations am I talking about?

How about the temptation to withdraw from your husband when he makes you mad or hurts you?

Or, the temptation to fight back and react in instead of responding?

What about the temptation to leave your marriage…instead of standing and fighting for it?

How many times are we tempted to do the wrong thing instead of rising above it to do the right thing?

I have fallen in this perpetual pit many times over. I have decorated it, added pillows, lit some candles, and made it home.

But even in this, God extends us grace. He has placed godly women {wives} in my life who keep me accountable to my marriage and my husband.

I have learned to hold my tongue, allowed Bill to make mistakes, and become a safer place for him to come, no matter what he says, does, or forgets.

These godly women have helped me get out of my pit.

Our struggle is not against our husbands! It’s against the enemy, satan, the rulers of this world that work to bring condemnation against us.

Against our husbands.

Against our marriages.

The next time something happens and temptation arises to catch you in its grasp, before you respond, stop and pray first or as a wise friend said to me.

Shut Up and Listen!!

The Bible tells us that those who have knowledge spare their words”…

Proverbs 17:27

“He who has knowledge spares his words, and a man of understanding is of a calm spirit.”

Ask God to show you the truth in the situation. God will answer. But you have a choice, to walk in the truth {receive His words of knowledge} and walk in peace or you can continue in your own train of thought, anger, and allow your emotions to control you and react instead of respond.

Knowledge comes when we seek God first.

Can I invite you to go to the extreme for your marriage?

When your heart tells you to respond in hurt…decide to respond the way God is asking you to:

In love!

A love that is unconditional.

I’m not saying it’s easy, but I can tell you that after 17 years of marriage, things are so much better between Bill and me when I respond in love and don’t react in hurt.

Choose who you will fight for.

If you’re not fighting for your marriage you’re fighting against it!

There is no in-between.

Lets pray:

Daddy, thank you for Your love for us! It is a love that is pure and unconditional for those who are Your children. Help us Daddy, to fall in love with our husbands even deeper than before. Protect our marriages and the bonds You have created. Give us new wings to fly in faith knowing You are in control. I ask for strength for those who are reading this to cry out to You. Daddy, help our unbelief…. Minister to our hearts today and encourage us.
Daddy we love You. In Jesus’ precious Name we pray, Amen.

Praying for you,