Because of a recent automobile accident, our already vehicle-short family found ourselves down to a single vehicle for three drivers. In southern California, that’s not a great scenario; we really can’t get anywhere without a car. As we wrestled with the decisions involved, it became apparent that Robert and I had some distinct differences in how to solve this dilemma.

With emotions high due to the financial considerations of purchasing a new-to-us vehicle and all of the factors involved in such a decision, both of us turned to the Lord in prayer. We were confident that the Lord had a plan for this situation and we knew that it would be good, even if it took a while for us to walk through it.

We had already been discussing the advantages of trading in our minivan for something more fuel efficient, as Robert’s commute is fifty miles round trip. Thus, our conversation turned to how to orchestrate a trade-in and the purchase of a replacement vehicle for the one lost in the accident, keeping our total vehicle count at two.

One of the desires of Robert’s heart has been to have something “fun” to drive. He’s never had that in our twenty-two years of marriage. Our vehicles have been practical, family-oriented vehicles that can accommodate a family of five…not anything that anyone would ever classify as fun. (Minivans are definitely not fun according to guys–and we had two at the same time!)

As I continued to pray, the Lord clearly told me to let Robert take the lead in the decision-making process and that I was to say yes to a “fun” vehicle. When I heard that, I was at peace about it and determined in my heart to do just that.

And I was able to do just that…let Robert take the lead and support him as we moved through the process, without expressing concern or doubt or fear about what that would mean for getting us all to the variety of places we go every week. It has been great to walk in unity with him in this. (This part of the story is a testimony of the grace of God for me and the power of submitting to your husband!)

Sometime last week, the Lord spoke to Robert about a new plan for our circumstances. Instead of trading in our minivan for a smaller, fun car the Lord told him to look for an older, fuel-efficient car that he would enjoy driving and that we could afford to buy outright. He also told him to continue looking for another vehicle to replace the one lost in the accident.  (That would mean three cars for our family…which translates into me having a vehicle of my own again instead of being the chauffeur for someone else every time I want to go somewhere. Talk about things working out better than I could have planned!)

Following that direction to limit himself to vehicles we could pay cash for, in itself, is faith on Robert’s part because as a one-income family, because the amount that we could spend outright just isn’t very large. But he moved forward and we began test-driving a variety of small, older convertibles. (We do live in southern California, after all!)

On Friday, we were able to pay cash for a Saab convertible for Robert! It’s an older model and it has about 100,000 miles on it, but it runs great, the top works, it’s comfortable, and is fuel efficient for his commute. The car needs some maintenance, but for the price we paid we’re totally OK with that.

Today, we’re off to test drive another vehicle or two to replace our totaled minivan. We’re at peace and we’re confident that the Lord is working it all out for our good. And we want to give Him all the glory for this situation. What looked like a terrible thing at the start of all of this (our oldest son rear-ended in an accident that totaled the vehicle) has turned out to be a blessing for our family.

It’s been time-consuming as we do our part to receive God’s best, but it’s been a great adventure. We are watching God write this little part of our family’s story and it’s fun to have a front row seat. He is so good to us! (And, as we found out at the end of the transaction for the Saab, we bought it from a brother in Christ…so God blessed two families with this one transaction!)

This whole situation reminds me of Psalm 3:5-6, which says,

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;  in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.

Today, my prayer is that this testimony of God’s faithfulness to my family and me will encourage you to trust Him more deeply for your circumstances. He loves you and His plans for you are good. He already has plans to pour out blessings in your life…all you need to do is trust Him and do what He tells you to do!

With love and prayers,