Our Praying wives in Beaufort, SC had our first PWC Praise and Coffee style! We usually meet in the different homes each month but this month I decided to add some Coffee and a new location! Our focus was praying over our husbands past! Bringing down strong holds and generational curses just to name a few. The night started off with our favorite hot and cold drinks. I had Chi Tea (I’m not really a coffee drinker).

Our time together turned into a night of encouragement and freedom for our selves. God took us in another direction. The ladies hearts were open and ready to receive what God had is store for us. I love how God will take my offerings and turn them into so much more than I had even hopped for.

I shared that we have just as many strong holds and curses as our husbands and the importance in finding freedom for ourselves first! Some of our ladies laid down the music they were listening too stating it wasn’t music that edified them or brought glory to God. They realized music they listen to was hindering their walk. Some even laid down area’s they didn’t realize were strong holds in their lives. One tried to hold on to her’s but by the time we ended she had the strength to say yes to God and let go!

We prayed over our husbands and discussed the importance of how our own strong holds will hinder our husbands and our marriage. I shared how our past and our husbands past also effect our children and the important of not living in your past though some still want to! It was a powerful time together and the coffee (tea) was the gravy!

My friend Sue from “Praise and Coffee” sent me a Praise and Coffee mug to give away! Diane won the prize. Everyone wanted to see the mug! Congrats Diane! Hope you enjoy it as much as I am enjoying mine!

Check out Sue at Praise and Coffee! She will inspire you to start a Praise and Coffee in your area! Thank you Sue for our coffee mugs. They are delish!!

Beaufort has some of the most beautiful ladies (inside and out). The ladies were excited to learn more about how God can use us in our marriages to stand against satan by building a wall of prayer around them and their homes! God is so good to His daughters! It was an amazing night of encouragement and deliverance!! Deliverance in a coffee shop. Who would have thought? God did!

If you are interested in starting a Praying Wives Group in your area comment here and we will send you the information to get you started!

Keep Knocking! Keep Believing! Keep Praying! Keep Reaching!!

Cherie ♥