Our Prayers Matter“And this I pray, that your love may abound yet more and more in knowledge and in all judgment.” (Philippians 1:9)

Sometimes it’s easy for me to forget that my husband has bad days like I do. He works in Law Enforcement and is around a lot of negative. I stay home all day teaching, rearing, and home-making. I can have days where I am so tired and grumpy.


When my husband sees that happening, he tries to give me a break. I never doubt that he prays for me too. I can feel his prayers and know he intercedes on my behalf. I have been trying to be more intentional about recognizing when he has had a bad day. Respecting him in that regard is very important in our marriage. I have started praying for his day with more compassion.

It is important that we pray for our husbands daily!

We should pray for their minds, attitudes, protection, and well-being. They face a lot out in the world that men fifty years ago didn’t face. There’s a lot more evil that doesn’t lurk, it lays in the open ready to devour them. Our prayers are so vital for them. There have been many times that I just felt led to pray for my husband. When he got home (or the next morning since he often works late because of wrecks), he would start telling me about an incident that was dangerous, but he wasn’t harmed. Then I shared with him how the Holy Spirit led me to pray for him. It’s amazing when we’re listening to the Holy Spirit and then following His lead.

We can pray scripture over them too. I used to anoint my husband with oil before he left (I really should begin doing that again) for work and pray over him. Scripture is God’s words breathed to life. It’s so powerful to pray scripture over our men; pray that he would be listening to the Holy Spirit also. He has to be listening so he can know what to do in situations. When you pray for him, it’s like double wisdom. Being aware of the Holy Spirit can literally save his life, physically and mentally. One blog I read said as you fold clothes you could pray over your husband. I have done it some and it’s a great idea. I’m not a big fan of folding clothes, but this helps me to not complain.

Pray with your husband too. If he isn’t a believer and isn’t comfortable praying with you, then pray over him while he sleeps or just in your prayer time. If your husband is a believer, it’s a sweet moment when you bow your head and pray with him. I love when my husband has prayed for me, and I know he loves the moments I have prayed for him. Prayer is our lifeline to God the Father. It also keeps our marriages strong and we all know we need that.

I encourage you to start today praying for your husband as he goes off to work each day. You could do a prayer journal too. I love writing down my prayers. Pray for him as he faces the enemy and as he is a light to others. Pray his mind stays on the Lord and he will draw close to Him. They need us to uphold them in prayer.

Let’s take a moment to pray!

Lord, thank You for our husbands and the ability to pray for them. Help us to pray for them every day. May we pray for their minds and hearts to be centered on You. May we lift them up as they face the adversary and are salt and light to this world. Thank You that we have access to you through Jesus. May our husband’s faith in You be strong and may he listen to Your spirit.

In Jesus’ name, Amen 

Building strong marriages together, 

Heather Strickland