prayerfasting (not rounded)
We are at it again!!  Join us for today’s Monday Prayer and Fasting!

We want to invite all of our prayer warriors to join again to day for a special time of Prayer and Fasting for every marriage within our ministry. Deborah Sewell will be leading us and encouraging us through out the day here and in our private Facebook group The Imperfect Wives Club.

Here is how this is going to work:

Prayer Warriors

-> Please comment on this post signaling you are joining us to pray and fast. The will become our intercessor team for the day.

-> We are asking you to fast at least one meal, one hour from TV, or the internet, or anything else God leads you to fast. You can fast the entire day if this is what God is asking you to do.

– > Please comment on the prayer request after you have prayed for them so they can be encouraged and strengthened.Deborah and I and other members of our team will post songs and other things within the comment section here to keep us all on track throughout the day as we fast. So check back often and read through the comments.

If you would like to post a prayer request

-> Please comment with your prayer needs on this post.  This will be our running list for everyone to read and pray over.

-> If you would like a more private group to post your prayer requests in, click on the link above (The Imperfect Wives Club) and post your request there. Deborah, the team and I will see them in both places. 🙂

It is this simple, but the Praise Reports are going to blow us AWAY!! Don’t Forget to post your Praise Reports during and after the fast so we can all REJOICE with you and Praise God and His Faithfulness TOGETHER!!

Building stronger marriages together,

Cherie Zack