If you’re a mom this movie was made for you!

We laughed so hard we cried watching Mom’s Night Out with a room full of moms and leaders.There is a new moving coming out that speaks to the heart of every women that has struggled with the notion she doesn’t have what it takes to be a good mom. Our National Women’s Ministry Director, Kerry Clarensau, surprised us with a very special screening of Moms’ Night Out during our One Voice conference two weeks ago.

I am not a movie goer mainly because of what Hollywood is offering. However, this movie is not only worth seeing, it’s worth marking your calendars for May 9th and promoting a moms’ night out with your friends. There are so many special moments in this movie that non of you will be disappointed! In fact, you will walk away encouraged and inspired in your roll as a mom! Check out the trailer below and leave me your thoughts. Are you going to plan to see it and take friends with you as well?