I am so excited to have the opportunity to share one of my most favorite people in the world -Jennifer White. Jennifer is a wife, sister, friend, author, and mighty prayer warrior; especially concerning marriage! We will be sharing two post this month by Jennifer. I know you will be encouraged and challenged to let go of the fears that are binding you and your marriage. Let’s join Jennifer as she shares from her heart – Your Marriage Can Be Fearless, Part 1

 What would marriage look like, feel like without fear?

Let’s apply jen tractor no borderEphesians 3:20 to our lives by imagining what God can accomplish in our marriage. I imagine marriage without fear would be:

Intimate: A marriage without fear would have no walls to keep the spouse away from secret sacred places. No topic would be off limits. No body part would go unexplored. Every idea would be considered a valuable.

Safe: A marriage without fear would be a safe experience from the perspective of each spouse. Regardless of personality conflicts, flaws in character, each spouse would feel safe to be themselves.

Brave: A marriage without fear would be a launching pad for big accomplishments. Without fear, both spouses would leap toward their passions feeling invigorated. The home would serve as a trampoline for careers and hobbies and imaginations. Each spouse could leap knowing the home was a safe place to land.

Fun: A marriage without fear would be filled with giggles and belly laughs. Every incident whether serious or slight is an opportunity for joy. Without anxieties and insecurities with walls that protect them, the relationship is judgment free. Laughter is always a “with you” event.

Home: Without fear, each spouse would look forward to being with the other. The uninterrupted intimacy has created a green pasture beside still waters experience for the soul.

Did I leave anything out? What else would you imagine God could do in your marriage if there was no fear? Did your mind serve you another, “Wow, my marriage could look like this!” picture?

So, how do we get there?

Fear does not belong in marriage. Marriage is God’s idea. It’s a beautiful relationship that is designed to reflect the unconditional and enduring love God has for His bride: you and me. So why are so many marriages at risk? Why has fear settled into relationships as if it were invited?

God is the giver of all good gifts (James 1:17). He is the supplier of all our needs (Philippians 4:19). He did not bless your sacred marriage with a beautifully wrapped gift of fear – hoping you would enjoy it for the rest of your lives. His Word is filled with “do not fear” commands.

Let’s take some time to talk to Him about our fears and our husband’s fear. Join me in praying for our marriages to be freed from the bondage of fear.

Most Holy God,

We come before Your throne with desires on our hearts and questions on our mind. We have dared to dream of a fearless marriage relationship. It sounds much more enjoyable than our present reality. We desire to enjoy this abundant life together with our husbands – this richly intimate, safe, brave and fun relationship that feels like home. We know that it can only be possible with your supernatural intervention.

We ask you to reveal the fears that are holding our marriages captive. We want to acknowledge and confess these fears to You. We desire to be set free from them and we want the same for our husbands. Help us Lord. Guide us into the freedom Jesus died to give us.

With our mustard seeds of faith in Your power, we pray. Amen!

Jennifer O. White


*****Excerpts of this post were originally posted by Jennifer O. White at StartMarriageRight.com

Jennifer O. White knows God will do more than we can ask or imagine in our marriages. After one failed marriage and one saved by God, she is writing and speaking to encourage women to know Jesus as the Savior of marriages. She blogs at Prayerfully Speaking and is the author of Prayers for New Brides: Putting on the Armor after the Wedding Dress (NLPG, January 2015)

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