RestJesus walking on water is a very powerful story in the bible; which I just happen to love. Today when I read it in the book of John, God spoke to me in a completely different way than before.

“Then they were glad to take HIM into the boat, and immediately the boat was at the land to which they were going.”(John 6:21)

Once HE entered the boat it immediately arrived at the shore, the scary situation they had once found themselves in, was over.

As I read this today, I thought of the things I struggle with; wanting to control of everything. Maybe it’s a first born trait, or perhaps an attempt to arrive at the other side unharmed and without much pain. I feel that if I’m in control I’m less vulnerable, and this goes for every area of my life.

When I’m controlling the situation I feel I can also control the outcome which takes away from the anxiety and fear of the unknown. I’m one of those people who wants to know the ending of the movie so the anxieties subdue about what’s going to happen, and so I can enjoy the show.

If I can control my daughter’s behavior, attitude, likes & dislikes I can assure her well-being. If a problem is revealed in my marriage I feel I need to fix it immediately because if I can fix it everything will be safe again.

Problem is…. “I’M NOT IN CONTROL!”

I can struggle each day to control my life, and the life of those around me, but at the end of that day all I’ve done is exhaust myself and waste my own time effectively robbing myself of joy and teaching the exact opposite of the gospel.

There is only ONE who is in control, only ONE who is able to see what’s to come, and just ONE who is able to change a life, give a life or take a life. ONE who tells the sun to rise and set, the mountains to appear here and the ocean to stop there. Only ONE who can calm a storm and bring a person to himself.


I can teach my daughter about her savior, I can live as an example to my husband or preach to my family but at the end of the day there is only ONE who can bring them to salvation.

“NO one can come to me unless the FATHER who sent me draws him”  (John 6:44)

So I can wake up every day and struggle in the midst of whatever storm I’m in, wondering in the dark or I can joyfully welcome the great I AM into my boat. In the presences of our Savior somehow we miraculously arrive at the other side, healed, transformed, and redeemed. And if we keep our gaze upon HIS face we won’t even realize we are in the middle of a storm to begin with, we will not only arrive we won’t even get wet!


Let’s take a moment to pray for our marriages.

Lord, we are tired of struggling in our own strength to control this life you’ve given us. We get exhausted, but YOU don’t! We surrender ourselves and release our efforts to control our own life and the life of those around us to you. Teach us how to follow your lead and bring us into your rest Father.

In Jesus precious name, Amen

Building strong marriages together,

Ashley Ladd