We are so excited about our launch date. December 1st is fast approaching and we are starting to feel the heart! It’s a good though. One that keeps you on your toes! For those of you who have already followed us over, Thank YOU!! We are humbled by your presence. Rebecca, Mary and I are working so hard on the new design and elements for the this blog. We want it to not only reflect our imperfectness but also our personalities. Mary Hess really is a gifted designer. If your itching to freshen things up or create a brand new look, Mary is your girl!

We are also working like crazy women to get the design and all info in place for the launch of our radio show on BTR by way of Noelle Mena and CWA!!  Our first show is set to air on December 7th (the day after Rebecca’s birthday) at 10:00am. You ladies have been so encouraging. Thank you for your sweet comments and the love you are sharing with us. One thing we are most excited about is that we get to hear your voices on the show (if you call in)!! Won’t that be a time! All us girls on BTR  via CWA at the same time with all our excitement!! We may blow their whatchamacallits right out the window! We will post details on where and how to join us for the show. We can’t wait to chat with you amazing ladies.

This is is for now. Keep watching for details and the reveal of our new design here on The Imperfect Wives!

Cherie 🙂