We are entering a new season here at The Imperfect Wives and can’t wait to share with you all that is going on. So many changes
as this ministry to wives continues to grows.


First – we have completely re-formatted the blog and have two major change –

1. We have updated the blog and cleaned out a lot of the heaviness. We have a new theme design and it allowes us to stream line our content and resources, making the blog so much more user friendly. We are still working to put a few of the remaining pieces together, but the blog as a whole is in working order and ready for you to visit once again.

2. We have moved all of our Imperfect Wives Facebook groups here to the Blog. The groups function almost exactly like our FB groups but with one major difference. You now have privacy. What is shared in our groups here stays in the groups because trolls are removed as soon as we find them (we look daily and delete them from the registration page at the backend of our blog). Our fire walls keep them from getting into the groups. You can check out our new groups here by clicking on our Ministry tab and then click Imperfect Wives Forum in the dropdown menu. This is not a Forum in the traditional sense. These are groups and we have designed them to be pretty and welcomeing as well. 🙂

Second – Many of you have asked for helped as you navigate trials within your marriage. Because of this need, I have been absent from posting consistantly the last two years becase I have acceted many requests to walk with you. We have also had some majoy life changes happen in the last two years.
– We moved to a new state.
– Two of our sons got married.
– We have had significat changes in our daughter’s medical care.
– And more.

We have had a lot going on and in the midst of all of it I’m excited to share we have made a big decision.  Through prayer and many conversations, we have decided ti’s time for me to take what I’m passionate about to the next level. I have stepped out in faith and put my college degree and certifications to work and I have officalial started my counseling practice. I’ve name it: The Cottage Agency: Marriage Counseling, Marriage Workshops and Biblical Life Coaching.  Walking with wives in the trenches takes many hours of my day. And as some of you know, I have been doing this for free as a service to our Imperfect Wives Community for many years. Counseling wives and teaching them how to fight for their marriage has grow to the point that doing so has kept me from being able to look for work. I’ll share more on this story as we go. But for now, I’m honored that I get to do this and look forward to seeing God restore even more marriages. You can find out more by clicking the tab The Cottage Agency.

So, look around and check out our new groups here on the Forum. For some of you, the groups will excited you as we have kept Community Connections and Imperfect Wives Club. We are adding states as God provides leaders to lead them.

Let us know what you think! We are looking forward to hearing your thoughts.