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I’m so glad you are here. Do you feel like you fail most days as a wife and mother? I knows what it’s like to be an imperfect wife and I’m well aware that my past would have been my future if it had not been for God’s intervention in my life and my obedience to follow His voice. I wasn’t always obedient. In fact, I resisted God more than I followed Him. I resisted Him in the beginning because He was asking me to change first. I felt enough change was happening in me and Bill was the one God needed to concentrate on. You can read my story here!

Your marriage can be turned around and restored as well. But you have to be willing to listen to voice of the Holy Spirit and change as He directs you to. He will ask you to do some hard things (I have a long long list myself). Change is good, especially when God uses it to drawn us closer to Him.If I had the chance, I would sit down with you, make you a cup of tea and spill my mistakes in marriage. In essence, I would share my story with you. I wouldn’t stop there though. I know that it is only because of God’s mercy that I have a thriving marriage and family today.

What can you find in our Forum?

Are you looking for a community of women who are going through some of the same things you are? Check out our Community Connections group. Community Connections is a place where wives can be real about their imperfections & find help and encouragement for their marriage. Grab your coffee or tea and join us.

Have you ever felt imperfect or like a failure when it comes to being a mom? We all have at one time or another. We have some encouraging news for you. Your imperfections come with a purpose. God wants to use our imperfections to teach us about ourselves and about our children. And you are not alone! Imperfect Moms is a group set apart from the craziness of this world to give us a safe place to share and be real with each other. Parenting is probably the hardest job we have. But we don’t have to do it alone! You are invited to join us in this amazing and imperfect world we call Imperfect Moms!

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