I am over-the-moon excited. Today we close on our new house!

It is an absolute miracle which could only have been orchestrated by the amazing God we serve.

Houses are bought every day; what makes this one so special, you ask.

Nine years ago next month, I stood on an altar before family and friends and committed myself to my beloved. Not only was I committing myself to him, but as he stood beside me that day, dressed handsomely in his dress blues, I committed to being a military spouse.

I repeated the cry of Ruth’s heart:
“Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people & your God my God. “ Ruth 1:16

And go I did, as we moved across the continental United States over the next eight years, as part of my husband’s Marine Corps career.

After much prayer and consideration, my husband and I decided the Lord was moving us out of the Marine Corps and back into civilian life.

To do what? We had no idea.

But once again I committed to my husband, “Where you go I will go and where you stay I will stay.”

We prayed and worked diligently at putting together a plan. We sought the Lord and continued to watch every one of our plans fall apart before our eyes.

My husband made the move into the civilian world during a serious time of economic downturn. To the amazement of our family and friends and the chastisement of co-workers, we became civilians with no secure employment.

We continued to pray and fast as we sought the Lord for His direction and timing.

Slowly, but certainly, the Lord began opening doors for us. As we walked in faith through one door, He was faithfully orchestrating our next move as He led us along.

The Lord, much to our surprise, opened up doors for us to return to my husband’s hometown. He blessed Charlie with a terrific job that is perfectly suited to the skills, talents and passions that God placed within him. We were in awe at all He was doing, as we began seeing the puzzle pieces fit into place.

The last item on our checklist? A house. A sanctuary to call our own.

We again sought the Lord as we sought the perfect house for our family.

And today, the last puzzle piece slips into place.

We are not just buying a house, we are completing this area of our journey in faith.

You see, when I told my husband that I trusted him and would follow him anywhere, I was also saying Lord, I trust you and will follow you anywhere.

While it may not have always been easy, I can clearly look back over our journey and see the Lord’s hand in every situation.

Are your husband and the Lord asking you to take a journey that involves stepping out? A situation that means you will have more questions than answers? Is there a desire your husband has that stretches every fiber of your being?

I encourage you, that as you surrender and follow your husband where he leads, you are honoring the Father in where He is truly leading.

Following Him,