In the picture to the left, you can see the new tank top I received from my friend and founder of Anointed Wives Ministry, Felicia Houston. I love it! {Thank you so much, Felicia!}

I’ve admired it for quite some time, so when she had a give-away contest in her Facebook group, I jumped on it! I was thrilled to be one of the winners and when it arrived, it was even cuter than the photos I’ve seen.

For a girl who doesn’t dress to draw attention to herself, wearing this has been an interesting experience because it definitely gets noticed!

I’ve been completely fascinated with the range of responses that this shirt has elicited.

Sophia, our seven year old daughter, loves it. She loves anything bling-y, so this shirt is right up her alley. As a side benefit, this shirt sends her a not-so-subtle message: wives are supposed to love their husbands and, more specifically,  her mom loves her dad.

The reaction from our sons (ages 20 and 17) was a little less than enthusiastic. Neither one of them said a word, but I’m pretty sure I detected an eye roll or two and the slight shake of a head. (I doubt that they’ll venture out in public with me when I wear it!)

As I walked from my van to a store, a woman jokingly make this comment: “I bet he bought that for you!”

I laughed, then took the opportunity to tell her about The Imperfect Wives and Anointed Wives Ministry. She was sweet and receptive–it was a great interaction.

In the store, no one else mentioned the shirt, but lots of people read it. As I watched their faces, I saw some women frown (which made me sad) and many men smile. Some didn’t visibly react, but I am sure that it got them thinking. One of my prayers is that it will spark some great conversations.

All of the ladies at our local Imperfect Wives meeting loved it. {That’s no surprise, is it?}

The one reaction that ensured that I will wear this shirt regularly was the smile on Robert’s face when he saw me in it the first time.

He didn’t say a word, but he didn’t really have to. The way his eyes lit up let me know that he appreciated the fact that I am willing to wear a shirt that so “loudly” proclaims my love for him. It was pretty cool.

The Lord brought Proverbs 31:12 to my heart as I was thinking about this experience:

She brings him good, not harm, all the days of her life.

How can you bring your husband good, not harm, today?

You may not have a shirt that proclaims your feelings for him, but you can do something “extra” today that communicates your love, respect, or admiration for him. Trust me, it will be a blessing to both of you when you do!