Here is a “True Love Tuesday” post from a couple of years ago. Because of circumstances that friends of ours are facing, I wanted to share this again. We get to write our own love story…so despite the hardships and challenges you may face {think about it…those plot twists make a great story in a movie!}, do everything you can to make sure your story has a “happily ever after” outcome! Remember that 1 Peter 1:22 tells us to “love each other deeply, from the heart.”


Are you a believer in “happily ever after?” Have you ever felt like the marriage you have wasn’t the one you signed up for? Most of us could probably answer ‘yes’ to both questions. When we’re young and in love, it seems that nothing could ever change the passion that we feel for our spouse. Then, real life sets in: dirty dishes, crying babies, laundry, bills, the list is endless. All of those things conspire to convince us that the romance is over and that love has faded.

I have good news! The world is wrong. Love is not a feeling dependent upon the right circumstances and having a good hair day. Love is a choice that we make each day (sometimes hour by hour or even minute by minute). As believers, it’s a choice that we are called and equipped to make, even when we don’t feel like it.
Below is a link to the video “(A More Real) Love Story” from Christian comedian Anita Renfroe. {This video is a parody of the song “Love Story” by Taylor Swift.}
Anita does a beautiful job of depicting the true meaning of love. It’s hanging in there when nothing seems to be going right, going the extra mile, and doing whatever is necessary to protect and nurture the romance that you and your husband share. If you haven’t done anything lately to show your husband that he’s still your “Romeo,” then this is the week to do so!
With love and prayers,
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