Joshua 1:9-13; Isaiah 43:18-19

A. God has a plan
He has a great plan for your life and your marriage!

B. God tells us the plan and we have to listen

It’s not supposed to be mysterious. God wants to show us what to do and how to do it!
Isaiah 43:18-19 makes it clear: God’s plan is in place and He expects that we will
“perceive” it!

1. We need to hear God’s voice above all the chatter & temptations
Like Cherie says, get to your “secret place.” Get alone with God so that you
can focus on what He’s saying to you.

2. Hearing God’s voice takes experience…practice makes perfect!
You might not feel like you’re perfect at hearing God’s voice. That’s OK!
Just keep listening. God is more than able to get His plan across…and He’s
patient with us.

C. We have to line ourselves up with God’s plan

It’s your choice. What are you going to do? Joshua had to decide that he
was going to do what God said he was going to do.

1. Make room for God’s plan in our life

2. Let go & give up the things God directs us to

3. Do the hard things
It wasn’t easy for Joshua to lead the children of Israel into the Promised
Land, but he knew that with God’s help, they would be victorious!

4. Say what God says about you, your husband, & your marriage
We have to guard our mouths…and say what God says and nothing else!

D. Application

1. What new territory is God talking to you about in your life & marriage?

2. What is He telling you to let go of or give up?

3. What hard things is He asking you to do to see His plan fulfilled?

4. What are you saying about yourself, your husband, your marriage?

We pray this ministers to you right where you need it most. Please share with us your thoughts and how God is speaking to you! We look forward to connecting with you.

Love and prayers,

Cherie and Rebecca