Imperfect Wives,

Are you sitting and watching what’s going on around you, witnessing your marriages falling apart, choosing to do nothing about it? Or maybe you are doing something but could be doing so much more?

I have a challenge for you! GET ON THE FRONT LINE!!

Tell the spirit of divorce to get out of your lives!! Tell that woman that she can’t have your husband!! Get on the front line and fight for your marriages!! God has called us as wives to fight for what is ours!

Come on Wives. Don’t look at your circumstances, look to your God, the God of this Universe, and stand for what is yours! Your marriage is yours!!

You can still fight! satan hates women and hates wives even more. Remember, the first thing God said to satan about us women, ” you shall bruise her heal but she will CRUSH YOUR HEAD (I’m paraphrasing)! (Genesis)

There was a powerful man who’s skull was crushed when a woman threw a rock at him and hit his head. Abimelechs his name. Many armies tried to kill him and it only took one woman with one rock to take him down!! You have a ROCK, His name is Jesus!! (Judges 9: 53-54)

Wow! Wow! Wow!! Do you see it? Are you getting this!! You have power, given to you by our Savior Jesus Christ by way of the Cross!!!

Don’t stay a victim or become a victim. Become a warrior!! You are the head and not the tail! You are above and not beneath! You are blessed in the fields and blessed in the storehouse by Almighty God!

Don’t neglect your prayer closet! Our prayer closet is where we preserve our marriages!!

I’m going to start calling us Warrior Wives! LOL (Living Out Loud)

Our challenge! Step UP, Get on the Front LINE, and Conquer satan!!

Keep Knocking Keep Believing Keep Praying Keep Reaching!

I love you ladies and praying for your marriages,

Cherie ♥