HeartAs he walks around the rubble, he sees proof of the enemy’s warfare. It’s real.  Although he remembers how the city looked, it’s only a vivid memory.  His home is destroyed, his people are heart-broken, and he lacks the knowledge to rebuild the walls.  Its looks impossible but faith wouldn’t let the enemy win.

Nehemiah fasted and prayed for three months before going into the kings chambers. Yet, the moment he enter the king’s presence, he could have been killed.

Nehemiah was heart-broken, so heart-broken he couldn’t properly do his job.  No one was ever to enter the king’s presence with a sad demeanor.  The king realizes Nehemiah isn’t sick but his spirit is broken, he was granted permission to express his heart.

It’s never wrong to express your feelings to God, so be honest. God longs to know what’s on your heart, on your mind, and desires to assist you. When I read the 2nd chapter of Nehemiah, I am truly encouraged by the conversation of Nehemiah and the king.  The king invites Nehemiah to express his feelings to him.  The king desires to assist Nehemiah with his problem and he provides the support needed to help him.  The king doesn’t dismiss Nehemiah or kill him, although he could.  Nehemiah NEVER entered the king’s presence sadly, so he was afraid.

Sometimes, we don’t think the Father cares about our troubles or is concerned. It’s not the case, He is asking to be involved. God doesn’t feel intimidated by your situation; He wants to be invited to help. When Nehemiah explained the situation to the king, his needs were met.  He was granted the monies, the armies, and the letters to prove the kings support.

So, why would we question how our Father would assist us or if He is willing? We can’t overcome our situation without God’s help; it’s never too late to ask.

Building strong marriages together,   

Tina Wetor