For me, this statement holds much truth.

My Mom. She was my first teacher.

She taught me how to cook. Do laundry.

She gave me the love of travel and instilled in me the importance of family.

Hard work. Laughter. Love. Loving Jesus.

All learned from my mom.

My mom is now 81 years old and she still teaches me.

One of the best things she has taught me is that longevity in marriage is not only possible, it is what God intended from the beginning.

How did she teach me that? One word.


You see, Mom knows that love is not a feeling. She was smart enough to realize that over and over throughout the years.

62 years to be exact. Yes, my folks have been committed to their marriage for that long.

Whew. A big number in today’s world.

A big number in my world.

My parents’ relationship brought stability to my life and the lives of my brothers and sisters. Their commitment, which they honored and protected, taught me about God.

God is a relentless pursuer of those He loves. He is a God of commitment. He calls that kind of commitment in His Word a “Covenant” relationship.

The God of the universe is committed to me. Even when I mess up.

When I am not the kind of wife I need to be.

When I am not the kind of Mom I need to be.

When I am not the kind of daughter I need to be.

HE is there. Committed to me. In Covenant with me.

A beautiful picture of marriage. Christ is the bridegroom and the Church is His bride. God intends my marriage to Keith to reflect the relationship that He has with His people. Commitment is a beautiful thing!

Mom showed me this about God and marriage. And she continues to do so.

Every day. Over the miles.

I love you, Mom.