9-9-2014 8-12-08 AMSeveral months before our trip, I was sending money to get my father’s truck repaired.  My father left me his truck from his will and I was delighted to get the truck repaired for my husband since he was without a vehicle.   Yet, the moment my husband saw the truck, I could see the disappointment on his face.  It had several rust spots, it needed some repair, but it was working!  It broke my heart to see the disappointment but we decided to make it work.  It wasn’t any small undertaking, my father smoked most of his life, when the truck door opened so did your nostrils!  With hopefully spirits, towels, air-freshener, and supplies we worked together to clean it up.  It was quite a shock to watch the smoke film just run dripping off the dashboard; years of smoke!

Yet, my husband and I turned the worship music on and keep working on dad’s truck. 

We just laughed and thanked God for our “diamond in the rough.” 

 As departure day arrived, we had everything loaded to leave early in the morning.  While making a pit-stop for ice, we noticed the truck’s breaks were overheating.  It wasn’t going to be an easy trip.  We decided to continue, but we didn’t get very far.  With broken hearts, broken plans, and a big black cloud of smoke it was proof our journey was ending.

Sometimes we wonder if God sees us in the chaos of our lives, stranded in the middle of the mountains.  We have tried to communicate, but it’s not clear or un-responsive.  So, we panic.   We can’t fix the situation it’s beyond our abilities, so we think it’s beyond God’s.  God will never misled His children or abandon them!  Whatever the situation in your life, God’s working to make the diamond of the rough in your life, shine!

After I prayed on the side of the road, I called my mother for assistance.  She contacted the mechanic who fixed the truck.  What was so amazing!  The mechanic wasn’t supposed to be at the shop at the time of my call.  The mechanic with his tow truck to assist my family but what happened next, it was only God!  We got a FREE TOW BACK!  Also, he bought the truck back for nearly close to the same about of money we spent.

Building strong marriages together,

Tina Wetor