Taking time to be with our husbands is a very special thing in the lives of our marriages.

Dedicated time.  Just for the two of you.

My husband loves it when we are alone, just the two of us, on a date.  That dedicated time is important to him and, in fact, it thrills him.

This took me a little while to understand.  After having our children (four of them in six years) it seemed to me that any extra time I had needed to come in the form of rest, not date night!

But the event that changed my heart and my attitude to this precious time spent with my spouse happened while he was deployed to the Persian Gulf.  It was nearing the end of my husband’s 7-plus month deployment to the Persian Gulf and his ship was going to stop in Australia for a port visit before returning to its home port in Hawaii.  My husband sent word that he really wanted me to fly to Sydney, Australia to meet him for a few days.  These would be days that we could have a reunion after many months apart.  That private reunion, he said, would only make the reunion for all of us as a family that more special.  He could feel reconnected with me and focus on reconnecting with the kids when he returned to Hawaii.

Now, ladies you must understand Oahu, Hawaii is very far from any of my family who could watch my children while I left the island to fly halfway across the world to another continent.  Did I mention that my daughter was two and my other children not much older?  Another continent.

Yeah, nice thought honey but that would just not be possible.

Then, a wise woman, my pastor’s wife, came to me and said that “it would be the best thing I could do for my husband and my children if I honored his request for this special date.”  She cautioned me not to “pass up the blessing that my family would receive if I did what my husband so desperately asked.”

I prayed and God made a way.  I went.

I arrived the night before Keith’s ship was to arrive in Sydney harbor.  The next morning I had several long hours to wait for my husband to arrive, so I took walk from my hotel down to the Sydney waterfront to the famous Opera House grounds.  As I came around the waterside of the Opera House, I noticed a ship being guided into the harbor.

My heart stopped.

I recognized the ship’s number as my husband’s cruiser!  I will never forget the feelings that flooded my entire body.

I began to weep.  I felt like a school girl again.  I was shaking and there was this feeling.  It was deep; it welled to the top.

It was a thrill I will never, ever forget. 

My loneliness was gone.   My husband, my lover, my friend had returned.   I was about to see him again.

That time in Sydney turned a new chapter in our marriage.  Our good marriage got better.

The thrill taught me that our time together – just the two of us – refreshes our love, sustains our marriage and causes our children to thrive.

I often recall Sydney, Australia with a smile but have been thrilled many times since then as I am with my husband keeping the fire of our love burning.

Maybe you need to stoke the fires of love by saying “yes” and making that special time happen…even when it seems that it can’t.  God can make a way!

He did for me, He will for you.

Honor your husband and find your thrill.


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