Marriage is a covenant.  A promise between husband and wife that is binding.  Secure.

Marriage, being God’s idea, is a picture of something spiritual and holy.  Marriage is a picture of Christ and the Church (that is us ladies if you are a born again believer in Christ!)  My marriage is a picture of something spiritual and holy.  Your marriage is that same picture.

This idea is a little awe-inspiring and even daunting isn’t it?  My marriage a picture of holiness and spiritual aspects?  Whoa.  Okay.  My marriage, however, can sometimes look out of focus or blurry and smudged.  How about yours?

This week I was reminded of God’s great love for His people, and especially me and my family.  It happened during time spent with God in His Word (interestingly, this is how God primarily speaks with us today — as we are in fellowship and communion with Him and His Word).  As I am studying in Exodus, where I’ve been for many months, the Lord spoke to me concerning His covenant love with His people.  He was constantly giving instructions to His Chosen Ones on how to live and act as the children of promise of their father Abraham.  God, in Exodus 19:5-6, called them out of Egypt to be a holy nation, set apart for Himself.

“Now, therefore, if you will indeed obey My voice and keep my covenant, then you shall be a special treasure to Me above all people, for the earth is Mine.  And you shall be to Me a kingdom of priests and a holy nation.’  These are the words which you shall speak to the children of Israel.”

God is the original Covenant Maker and He will always keep His word.  The Old Testament shows that He is relentless in His pursuit of His beloved people, for they are a “special treasure” to Him.

The book of Exodus is full of God’s instructions for His people.  Instructions and laws meant to protect, prosper and provide for the welfare of His special treasure.  The covenant love of God to His people is a love story like no other, for it is a love story that has no breaks of faith, no selfish aims, nor one missed commitment or forgotten promise.  The love of God for His people is beyond what I can even understand.  Except that His covenant love was extended to me.

Now — how does this apply to my marriage and your marriage?

Glad you asked!

Since God, the author of marriage, created marriage to be a picture of Christ (the bridegroom) and the church (the bride), our marriages are to reflect the salvation story that the church has in Jesus.  The part that was made clear to me this week for our marriages is that covenant love sometimes needs to be reinforced.  Israel needed reinforcement of God’s promises, the church needs that reassurance and our marriages need it!

God, throughout Exodus and other Old Testament books, continually gives the children of Israel reminders and has them set up memorials of His covenant with them.  The plans for the tabernacle given in Exodus 25-27 are detailed so there will be a clear pattern for the making of this meeting place for God to speak to the nation of Israel.  After all the plans are laid out, the Lord provided a clear picture of His covenant with them.  The Lord told the people to have the lampstand, which is in the tabernacle of meeting, outside the veil which is before the Ark of Testimony, to be lit from evening until morning before the Lord.

“It shall be a statute forever to their generations on behalf of the children of Israel.”  Exodus 27:21b

God set up visible reminders for Israel of His love and faithfulness.  Why?  Because He knew they could wander from a right relationship with Him; He knew they could be unfaithful, and break faith; He knew they would need encouragement as other peoples would rise against them.

We need reminders of God’s faithfulness in our covenant marriages as well.  God’s Word is truth and He cannot lie.  Look to God and His Word for instruction in your marriage.  Look for the reminders of His covenant love with you.  The reminders are there.  The covenant love you entered into on your wedding day is sealed by God.  Sometimes, one or both of the spouses will not “feel” like keeping the covenant, but take heart!  The covenant is not null and void.  We have One who restores, and One who brings the lost one home.  He pursued Israel and He pursues you.  He is for you, your spouse and your marriage.  His covenant love is relentless and consuming.  Allow yourself to be reminded of that this week.  Ask God to show you the monuments and reminders of His love for you, your spouse and your marriage. 

Walk in the surety of His covenant love, blessed sisters!