There’s something that’s been on my heart for a couple weeks now and I want to share it with you.

You know how God will give us a Word and we receive it but don’t completely understand all of it? So…… we chew and meditate on it and ask questions (I do this all the time) until God brings it into full clarity for us. I have come to expected that my questions may be answered through a friend as well.

While Bill and I were home for Thanksgiving my Daddy took this opportunity to minister to my husband. My Daddy loves me greatly and wants Bill to be the best husband he can be for me but also wants him to grow in his relationship with God. He began to minister to Bill about something I have been praying over for a long time now.

As my Daddy began talking to Bill on this subject, girls, I got excited. I was ready and had some great things to say.. It was at this moment the Holy Spirit nudged me to be quiet. I listened and though I had a few things to share like “Way to go Daddy” or “You got that bud?” I sat in silence.

Now those of you who know me well know that a few years ago this would have been hard for me to do. I can hear you laughing now..

As he continued he said something powerful to Bill. I knew it as soon as it came out of Daddys mouth.. Again I was reminded to be silent. Man!!!!…………………….

I thought on this for a few days and decided to ask God why he wanted me quite. This was His answer and I pray you are as blown away as I was and still am! “As Bill changes you are required to change as well.” Wow…. I could see exactly what God was saying to me.. Plus I’m reminded that I still don’t have it all together but I’m learning. Still didn’t answer my question but I was on my way to getting there.. I have learned over the years, God always has lessons inside the lesson..

God was sowing good seeds in Bill (seeds I have been asking for) and I needed to be quiet..

This is a change for me. I can be quiet at the time but I have to be honest with you guys, I will wait for the right moment and then pounce him with how I feel (as If my Daddy or who ever is talking to him didn’t do a good enough job). Does any of this resonate with you as well?

Now this is the part where my friend comes in. Sheri is a long time friend of mine whom I have been walking (literally) in ministry with off and on for a few years now. . She has prayed over my marriage and sowed so many good seeds. So I was excited to share with her what God was doing. As I was sharing this lesson she said something very real and true.. She reminded me a certain scripture:

“And two shall become one flesh; so they are no longer two, but one flesh.” Mark 10:8

She said, “God made us one flesh”….. Pow!!! I got so excited and asked her if we could park right here for a few minutes.. I didn’t want to miss what God was trying to say to me! As Bill changes I am required to change.. Why?? Because we are one Flesh.. What happens to one needs to happen to the other so the overall change will be complete!

I found this correction through revelations to be inspiring and joyful!

I still don’t have the answer to my question but God was now ready to tell me. As Sheri and I were parked on this scripture, God took me back to His Word and reminded me of the parable of the sower and the seeds.

“Those along the path are the ones who hear, and then the devil comes and takes away the word from their hearts, so that they may not believe and be saved.” Luke 8:12

Doesn’t is just make you mad to know satan is ever present to steal the good things God is giving us and our loves ones?!?!

So, why did I need to be quiet? Because, not only does satan desire to steal the Word from our loved ones hearts, he also desires to use us as a vessel to steal the Word as well. If I had disobeyed God and spoke anyway I could have done just that.

I sit here sure that I have many times before!! In this situation my words were extra and could have frustrated Bill or caused him to turn from God because they would have come out as an “I told you so” kind of tone. Ah, the answer!

In case your wondering, I’m still sitting perfectly quiet about the whole conversation and letting God grow the seeds he has sown in Bill! What is my reward for being quiet? I’m so glad you guys asked! My husband is becoming the husband I have longed for for many years.

We still aren’t quite there but the fruit that is coming from Bills change and my obedience is simply wonderful. I’m enjoying my husband and my marriage. Because of his reactions to me since then, I have found my self letting go of thoughts, habits and beliefs which is giving Bill more room to move freely in our marriage and be less stressed. It’s like the domino effect. One falling will break down the rest one by one!

I told you I don’t have it all together but thankfully I too am a work in progress!!

God, we come to you and ask that you would help us hear your voice at all times. But not just this Lord, that we would be quick to obey. Let us not fall weary in our waiting to see our prayers come to fruition. Thank you Lord that you do require actions from us! As we grow in your Word we grow in our relationships with our husbands. Thank you Father for your faithfulness to your daughters! In Jesus name we pray, Amen!

Blessings to each of you!!

♥ Cherie