“and [he] said, ‘For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh'”  Matthew 19:5

Today I am celebrating! Today my love, Keith, and I have been married for twenty-one years! I am excited to celebrate this anniversary with my best friend and lover.

As we approached this year,  I got to thinking about our life together. You know how you do…you replay the memories in your mind of the years you have spent together, while daydreaming of the future.

In my reflections, the Lord revealed to me that this year is a milestone.

You see, on our twentieth anniversary we celebrated BIG TIME. We went to Walt Disney World and on a seven-day Caribbean cruise with some great friends who were also celebrating their twentieth anniversary.

So as twenty-one years approached I figured, “This one is not a big one; no big plans and no big deal.”

As God continued to prick my heart about my marriage, He reminded me that twenty-one is a big deal.

In fact, in reflection of my life as Keith’s bride, I can see three fairly distinct seven-year periods.

The first seven years were spent enjoying each other deeply as the Lord directed our paths toward our ministry calling. We knew the Lord was calling us to seminary and those early years were spent working towards that goal.

Years seven to fourteen were then spent in the pastoral ministry and in building our family. Enter four children in six years.

Then, the last seven years have been spent growing our faith and our family while serving the heroic men and women of the U. S. Navy.  This is a journey that continues for us:  moving every two to three years and the excitement of ministry to this special group of people.

God’s hand is evident upon our marriage.

Do you know what?

His hand is also on your marriage.

His strong and mighty, outstretched hand is over you and your husband.

Ladies, even if you don’t have an anniversary today, knowing that God’s hand is on your marriage is worth celebrating!

Celebrate the seasons of your marriage.

Recall the movement of God upon your life with your husband.

Celebrate it all.  

Move beyond the circumstances to walk in faith with the One who created marriage.

The Marriage Maker invites all of us to celebrate!