Encouragement can sometimes come from the places you least expect it.

Mine happened to come out of the fog.


Yep.  That’s right.  It came out of the fog of the bathroom.

Late last week, as I stepped out of the shower, got toweled off and stood before the sink to get ready for the day, I saw it.

Through the fog, on the fogged-up mirror was a love note. 

Four simple words.  It said,

Baby,  you are amazing. 

Amazing!  Me?!

The message made me smile, of course, but it did more than that — it touched my heart.

My husband took the time before leaving for work to leave me a message of love.

As I gazed through the fog the message was clear.

I was amazed!

My heart skipped a beat.

He called me amazing!

I felt like a schoolgirl.

Then it hit me.  This is what God wanted for my marriage — a relationship that still thrills and excites me — even as the years go by.

Of course, I know this.  My marriage brings me much joy.  But God got my attention through my emotions.  He used this “thrill” to remind me that this is part of His plan for marriage. 


Have you thought of your spouse as amazing lately?  Maybe it is another, equally attractive adjective, that you think of when describing your spouse.  

My husband spoke to me even through the fog.  Maybe things are hard right now for you and your spouse.  For whatever reason it is hard to see through the fog or haze in front of you. 

This week, as you continue in the Love Challenge, ask God to speak to you, even in the fog concerning your husband.  Maybe He will place a word to share with your husband that will communicate clearly to him, or maybe He will change the way you view your situation or your spouse.  

Push ahead and strain, I mean really look, for that message.  My husband made sure I got his love message and God showed me the truth of His plan for marriage, in the midst of the fog.

Keep your eyes peeled ladies, you just may see something AMAZING.