If you know me, you know I am a rule keeper. Wow, two revealing things about myself in 2 weeks — a fixer and now a rule keeper. I sound like the life of the party don’t I?

The way I figure it, rules are there to help and protect us. For instance, consider driving laws and traffic signs…they really are there to help us drive in a world jammed with other cars and drivers.

The YIELD sign, in particular, is a great help in driving. It keeps traffic moving while allowing newcomers to join in the fray.

It is my belief that rules are there to help and not make life boring. If you know me you also know I like all things not boring!

As I consider the yield sign, I easily can see that the action of yielding in our marriages is a great help. Yielding to our husbands keeps our marriages from getting snarled in unnecessary jams and even dangerous accidents.
To yield is to surrender or relinquish.” When I make a choice to yield to God, His Spirit can move in my life as He desires. The Word speaks of yielding to others in Romans 12:10, which says,

Be devoted to one another in brotherly love. Honor one another above yourselves.

Putting my husband above myself involves the same principle I would use in driving.

First, I must
slow down and consider what is already happening on the journey we are on.

Second, I must surrender my desires and agendas so that he can lead our family.
So how does this principle play out in my marriage?

Yielding to others on the freeway means I still get to join the journey with all the other drivers; so it is in my marriage.

As I yield to Keith’s leadership, I get the benefit of joining in on the journey and participating in all the joys and adventures in our marriage.

That’s pretty awesome. But there’s more!
A second definition of yield is “to produce as return from an investment.”
That’s what I want! A return on all I invest and pour into my marriage.
Yielding brings love, respect, honor, fun, trust, commitment…all returns on a solid investment in my marriage.
When God says yield (surrender or relinquish) to your husband, we have the assurance that we will see the fruit of our investment. And in time we can see a yield that only God can produce.

Are you getting ready for the harvest ladies? The only way to reap a harvest is to sow the seeds today.

Surrender. Relinquish. And see the fruits of your investment!