Is there a topic or situation between you and your husband that causes you to be anxious or worried? Does it change your behavior toward him?
These verses are filled with wisdom for us wives! We aren’t required to be perfect, have perfect lives, or have all the answers. Neither are our husbands.
The good news is that God hears our prayers! We just have to pray and turn our circumstances over to the Lord and let His peace guard our hearts and minds.
I love this! My mind will be guarded by God’s peace when I ask for His help! What a glorious thing to rest in. That peace will allow me to be gentle. When I’m anxious, I’m not always as gentle as I should be, which isn’t good for me or anyone around me (especially my hubby!). But when I’m truly trusting Him, I can more easily exhibit the fruit of the Spirit, especially gentleness.
I’m kind of blown away by this. God is amazing: He knew how anxiety would push gentleness out the door and moved to have this incredible passage just waiting for us…the answer before we truly understood that we had a problem that needed answering.
Lord, thank You for your provision for every need. Help us to trust You more deeply, turn to You more quickly, and allow Your comfort to penetrate our understanding. We love You! In Jesus’ Name, Amen.