I admit it. I’ve got a thing for 1970s Soft Rock. I don’t listen to it every day, but I enjoy a good dose of it every now and then. (And, to answer your question, I do know most of the words to the hits!)

The chorus to the song entitled, “The Things We Do For Love” (by the group 10cc…and yes, you can go to youtube and find it!) has been rolling around in my head for the past couple of hours.
Naturally, I had to pull it up and listen to it in full and find the lyrics, just to make sure I understood it all. Lo and behold, I realized that it had more meaning for me than just the lyrics to a sweet love song!
The chorus/bridge says this:
The things we do for love…
Like walking in the rain and the snow
When there’s no where to go
And you’re feeling like a part of you is dying
And you’re looking for the answer in her eyes
You think you’re gonna break up
Then she says she wants to make up
Ooh, you make me love you
Ooh, you’ve got a way
Ooh, you’ve had me crawling up the wall
Those words made me think back to the days when Robert and I were dating. We did all sorts of silly, time-wasting things just to be together, to take care of each other, to show each other how important the other was in our life.
We were young and had few responsibilities.
My, how things have changed. Three kids and a busy career later (plus home schooling!), we’re lots older, with less energy and tons of responsibilities.
I often fall prey to the thought that I don’t have time to do anything that “wastes” my time!
That is definitely the wrong way to look at things! Doing something that may seem silly or frivolous or like a time-waster that communicates my love to Robert is DEFINITELY NOT any of those things. Sometimes I just need to do something that will express to him that he is worth the extra effort!
The other thought that came to me was when I read the lines, “And you’re feeling like a part of you is dying. And you’re looking for the answer in her eyes.”
That doesn’t change! Even after your husband has “caught” you and you’re his “Mrs.” doesn’t mean that there isn’t part of his heart that feels like it’s dying when there’s conflict. And he’s looking in your eyes for the answers to his unasked questions: Do you still love me? Are we going to be OK when this is all over?

The song writer sums it all up in the last verse: “A compromise would surely help the situation. Agree to disagree, but disagree to part. Well after all it’s just a compromise for the things we do for love.”

So, my dear friends, do something silly and wonderful “for love” and remember to compromise…it really does help the situation!
Still humming,